Picture of Tennis ball usb mod
usb_mod-tennis ball.JPG
OK, so i was bored last night and decided to do some hunting for something for a usb mod for one of my naked drives....and i came up with this:
Arbitror5 years ago
I hate Ubuntu/Kubuntu with a passion ever since they came out with 9.10!
fwjs28 (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
hrm, idk. its not too bad. anything is better than vista >.< 
bugolf fwjs284 years ago
Mint Linux is the best the took ubuntu and made it better
fwjs28 (author)  bugolf4 years ago
I've since stopped using KDE, I prefer the Gnome GUI better. That and the addition of Compiz, it makes for a nice desktop with enough eye candy and improvements to make it far more usable than KDE.. Just my opinion though.
betteboop576 years ago
OK, this may sound pretty silly...but exactly how did you do this? Did you just cut a hole in the tennis ball and glue in a usb flash drive? This is REALLY cool and my twin boys, who are SO into tennis, would get a kick out of this. They are off to college and I thought it would be a cute thing to pack for them to find when they get there.
fwjs28 (author)  betteboop576 years ago
pretty much...i took a pocket knife and stabbed the ball (BE CAREFUL!...this can be tricky) then carefully slid the usb stick into the hole..dont make the cut any thicker than need be but make sure you have enough with...i took the case of but you might not have to ...that is a pretty cool idea....the only suggestion i have would to take a usb cord (male to female) and stick that onto the usb drive and push it the whole way in so that only the cord sticks out...
dombeef6 years ago
It is great until you bend the drive accidentally and break it
fwjs28 (author)  dombeef6 years ago
yeahh..i learned that the hard way, and so i know put in another flash drive (2gigs)
dombeef fwjs286 years ago
What was the old one? I only have 2 gigs at the highest!
fwjs28 (author)  dombeef6 years ago
uhh...i don't remember i think it was a gig...(i just recently got a toshiba gig)
TATcreator6 years ago
Great Slideshow. We have been quite interested in this, too.
fwjs28 (author)  TATcreator6 years ago
I KNOW!!! i saw that on lifehacker and i really want to make one...( as soon as i get the right type of usb drive)
We discovered the drive on Thinkgeek
fwjs28 (author)  TATcreator6 years ago
hrmm...or maybe it was thinkgeek...not sure as i frequent them both...either way it is defineitly a cool mod...
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
Yeah, I saw it on T.G. too
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
ooooo....Goodhart commenting one of my instructables...i feel warm, fuzzy and special inside!....

on that note, do you like it?
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
:-P Yes I do, although I am unsure about how the weight of the tennis ball might put on the connection point might effect either the connection, or how long it may be before the port itself gets a little out of wonk. .
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
tehee, wonk....well, thats what i've been kinda worrying about...so, im planning on buying a usb extender like so and plugging the tennis ball into that....
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
Aw man, what is so bad about that link you gave me that they blocked it here at work?


You don't have permission to access /b2b/pics/USB_CableAM_to_AF_.jpg on this server.
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
o...well i assume you know what i mean....its just a pic of a usb cable....
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
Yeah, I believe I know what you are writing about.....I was just so peeved at having gotten that message from a site that should not have been blocked....what's next....will they block my http://www.edn.com site too?
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
shhh...they'll hear you and block it..... :p
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
What's so funny is that they block "streaming video BUT do not block access to nor use of........youtube XD
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
wow...that odd.....hey, shouldn't you be working :P i should be learning tho so i can't say much
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
Yeah, I was finishing up work as I posted that....I have yet to go back to work today though ;-)
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
i see...welll, now that im home from school....sigh, boredom
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
I posted an electronic's puzzler in Random Fun :-)
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Goodhart fwjs286 years ago
depends on whether you like puzzlers or not LOL
fwjs28 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Huzzah!? lol
TATcreator6 years ago
DELL is not much better...

Personal hard experience
fwjs28 (author)  TATcreator6 years ago
EEEEEK! DELL is horrible...i really want an ASUS EEEPC .....
Berserk876 years ago
what??? you de-portablized it.
fwjs28 (author)  Berserk876 years ago
no, not really..its a little bulky, but its the only computer i use it for
Quite a high-end HP. 2007 model?
fwjs28 (author)  TATcreator6 years ago
yerp...im tinkering around with multiple OS's mostly slax, the ubuntu family and now, Open suse (thanks to your suggestion....although, it has an empty hdd (except linux os preferences and such...) all th os's are on a couple usb drives....all in all, its a nice model hp
Pretty good though fitting in pockets is out the window... Dd you fix i with anything or is it just sitting in the ball?
fwjs28 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
the hole was tight enough for it to fit snug so it doesn't really move...i usually carry it in my backpack, so size isn't that important for me