Step 5: Set the tension

To get the right tension on the pearl I started by forming the metal strip into a letter “U”. This was done with a pair of vise grips and the ¼” metal dowel of a grinding bit. From there I pinched the “U” shut over the dowel. See the pictures.

When I’d let go of the setting it would spring open just a little. To remedy this I held the setting closed and heated it until it was red hot. Next I quenched it in water. Now when I let go of the setting it stayed closed. This means the setting will want to spring closed instead of wanting to spring open.

The last two pictures are before and after heating.
<p>The jesture still bigger than the gift.</p><p>The electrical pipe you used is called condulet. It rusts later on. You've already invested in a silver chain, why didn't you buy a silver strip instead of that condulet? </p>
<p>Love this design! Thank you so much for sharing your concept!! I modified how I actually made it based upon my materials and tools. But, it works and I just love the design!!</p>
This is cool and simple. I want to try it but I might cut grooves in the metal to give it some more texture.
how to fix pearl. what u use to fixed the pearl? any glue or ??
No glue. It's held in a groove with just tension.
its a good work man.
I absolutely love it! Wish I had those types of things here in my home, I'd make them for myself! :D
Awesome work<br>i was wondering where you get your chains that you put the pendants and things on
The one shown is a silver box chain. I think I got it from Target for about $15.00. Though sometimes I use fashion chain which you can get at the craft store, 6' for $3.00.
very pretty! I have a loose pearl, i want to try this!!!!!!!
WOW! You are one creative man!
Change of subject. In another of your 'ibles you said you used stainless paperclips. Where do those come from? I really like this pendant and your instruction are very complete and clear. Thanks.
The paper clips I use are just the common ones you find at any store. If I wrote that maybe you could let me know on which ible so I can correct it. Thanks for the comment.
Incredibly pretty and very sweet! Where did you get the pearl? I'm also curious as to how pearl would react with the metal, would it?
The pearl came from Sea World during the 1980's. I'll keep you posted on any metal pearl reactions.
REALLY pretty!
Beautiful! Your wife is one lucky lady. :-)
Interesting idea you've got here!<br><br>How did you polish the inside of the loop where the ends meet?
Wonderful Valentine's gift! So beautiful!
Simply Beautiful. ;)

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