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I was surpised at the cost of tent fans, and. how little anyone had posted them. So, here is my tent fan from junk I already owned.

Step 1:

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4 equal size bungee cords. I went from the bottom, up the sides, and connected two to each side of the middle of the tent. After it's hanging you can arrange them differently to direct the fan.

I used a micro bungee in the corner to direct the cord.

Step 2: Lighting

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I attached this LED flashlight with its magnetic holder. Was an awesome addition.

Step 3: Done

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My favorite part is my family cool..... and kids too small to touch the fan controls!


AJLM (author)2016-08-18

Battery operated? Generator?

DoctorLar (author)AJLM2016-08-18

Ah, sorry. The camp site had electric.

AJLM (author)DoctorLar2016-08-18

Thanks for getting back to me.

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