Picture of Terminate Yourself
This is a fairly basic instructable on how to create certain effects in Photoshop. I used Photoshop CS5 for this but I'm certain that you can probably use similar tools in other programs to create these effects. I am trying to explain this so that a beginner at photoshop could do this but if you have any questions or don't completely understand any steps then please ask questions, I'm more than happy to answer them!

I am entering this instructable into the Halloween Photo Editing Chalenge so if you like this then please vote for me! :D
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Step 1: Getting The Terminator Pic

Picture of Getting The Terminator Pic
There's a lot of photo's of Arnie posing as everyone's favourite homocidal, time-travelling android, and a few photos other terminators too. The internet is teeming with apropriate photos if you're willing to look a little, but for the sake of convenience I've added the photo I used, it's the one that I think is most apropriate, iconic and has the best effect in the end! Once you've found it you need to save it to your computer for a little later on.

Step 2: Taking Your Own Photo

Picture of Taking Your Own Photo
It's best to take a new photo as opposed to finding an old one that might work, this is mainly because few people have a terminator expression while posing for photos. You want to mimic the pose in the Photo of the terminator you are using, if you use the one I provided then this basically means a blank, expressionless face looking directly at the camera. Take a look at my ugly mug shot as reference if you need it!
Machine3 years ago
Very neat, expertly done, but can we see some more scars, bullet holes, axe-cuts please.... hahahaha.

You've got great Photoshop skills, what's next?

Thanks for showing us.
mary candy3 years ago
Perfect work!
Good luck on the contest ;)
neivadan3 years ago
wow lol i now know that i can terminate myslef but can we like do the same for our arm or somthing?
Hugo Boom (author)  neivadan3 years ago
that's a really nice idea! it'd take a bit of work i would think but if you find a good photo from the famous scene in terminator 2 then I don't see why not :D
JustPhil3 years ago
I would vote for you but when I went to the contest and clicked view entries, yours was not listed. Guess I'll come back later...
Hugo Boom (author)  JustPhil3 years ago
I think it takes about a day for the instructable to be accepted.... I hope! Thanks a lot :D
Hugo Boom (author)  Hugo Boom3 years ago
Woo! I'm in the contest :D please vote everybody! thanks!!!!
Jsquared243 years ago
Heres mine, i used bothsides of the picture to photoshop in
Terminate me copy.jpg
Very cool effect!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very awesome!
Hugo Boom (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thanks :D