Step 9: Cropping and Finishing

Last thing to do is crop the photo! use the select tool to select the section of the photo that works, then hit the crop button (near the top left corner of the screen) and save! This is just a technique so remember it can be applied to a lot of different photos, for example you could try it for two face the dark night :D hope you have fun with it! And PLEASE vote for me in the Halloween Photo Editing Challenge! Thanks!
Very neat, expertly done, but can we see some more scars, bullet holes, axe-cuts please.... hahahaha.<br><br>You've got great Photoshop skills, what's next?<br><br>Thanks for showing us.
Perfect work!<br>Good luck on the contest ;)
wow lol i now know that i can terminate myslef but can we like do the same for our arm or somthing?
that's a really nice idea! it'd take a bit of work i would think but if you find a good photo from the famous scene in terminator 2 then I don't see why not :D
I would vote for you but when I went to the contest and clicked view entries, yours was not listed. Guess I'll come back later...
I think it takes about a day for the instructable to be accepted.... I hope! Thanks a lot :D
Woo! I'm in the contest :D please vote everybody! thanks!!!!
Heres mine, i used bothsides of the picture to photoshop in
Very cool effect!
Very awesome!
Thanks :D

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