Overall design by M1NDxBEND3R onYoutube.
Check me out on Youtube to see how to transform (http://youtu.be/bS4omdGkUGE) and combine (http://youtu.be/OQppzTLyZaI) these guys.

Step 1: Main Bodies

All main bodies are the same except for the one without the clips

Step 2: Helicopter

Step 3: Tank

Step 4: Boat

Step 5: Steam Shovel

Step 6: Crane

Step 7: Bulldozer

And you are done! Again, check out transformation and combination on YouTube!
<p>Never mind! I've already watched them! Nice work! From both you and Mind Bender!</p>
<p>I'm having technical problems, so can you provide a hyperlink?</p>
<p>Can you supply the video link?</p>
<p>Great job! I appreciate your love of Legos!</p>

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