Step 5: Resin Cast

Picture of Resin Cast
The next stage was extremely dangerous (and smelly) so we only got a few photos at the beginning of this stage.

You'll need
- Resin kit You can buy the stuff separately - you need "the resin" and the catalyst.
- Gloves, goggles
- Clean plastic mixing/measuring cups (only to be used for this!)
- Stir sticks
- Very, very, very well ventilated area
- Exacto knife and sandpaper

First, read the directions on the resin. Read em again. Then mix the resin and catalyst in the appropriate amounts.

Pour the resin into the silicone mold - because of the undercuts in some places, I held open silicone slits as bro-in-law poured resin into them. Then we coated the entire mold in resin (and later added a second layer once the initial layer began to gel).

We ended up doing two more casts (one of the 'top eye' and one of the 'lower cheek') so it could move. We used the initial resin cast for when the skin-piece was sculpted.

Cut away the rough edges and sanded the entire piece. B.I.L. sanded down the bottom jaw piece so it moved smoothly under the cheek when he talks.