Picture of Terminator T-2000 Action figure

Are you a terminator/sci-fi fan? Well, I am. An advanced robot(android) from a different time is sent back to our time to save someone ~that is the one-line summary of the terminator series. Now isn't that cool?

You may have that fantasy where the same thing happens to you!(who knows whats gonna happen, ryt?) Well, if it happens, please let me know...

But if it doesn't, you can certainly make one of these to satisfy a part of that fantasy. This guy has just survived a 23rd century nuclear bomb in the fourth World war( fought by robots). That's the official story behind this action-figure.

Mainly made from a resin-based Glue, the T-2000 is water/fire/almost anything resistant. Major components are a broken wi-fi dongle, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, a motor-shaft, iron wires and a LED.

CAUTION: Please be careful while working with this type of glue. Your hands will get very sticky and messy.

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Step 1: Major components required

Picture of Major components required

These are the major components required. You can alter your components if you want it to look a different.

1~Resin based glue

2~A broken wi-fi dongle

3~ A dc-motor shaft

4~ two transistors(the last picture)

5~ a few resistors, capacitors etc.

For the transistors, resistors, capacitors, you can get them from any computer circuits or other forms of circuits used in house-hold appliances.

The glue can be bought from any hardware store. Its used for joining pvc-pipes.

Step 2: Making the organs

Picture of Making the organs

The whole point of using resistors, capacitors is to provide the organs to the T-2000. Its an android, which means it would have machine-made organs. So we have to build the organs using them.

Other than the small resistors used for connecting the capacitors to the large sized resistors, every other component used in this step is taken from an useless SMPS circuit.

You can use super glue to attach the two large sized resistors. After that, start attaching the small resistors to the large resistors with the help of extended wires. The whole thing goes like the branches of a tree.

jessyratfink11 months ago

What a neat idea, combining electrical components into an action figure! :D

S0uraV_DAS (author)  jessyratfink11 months ago

I am glad you liked it!!