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What is better than a nice Terrarium with a succulent plant to decorate your office or your home? Let's learn how to make it with this ME.REKA's Instructable!

Step 1: Assemble All the Items

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Prepare everything that you want to put in your terrarium.

What you need:

- Big jar

- Succulent plant

- Soil

- Sand

For decorations, you can have anything you want for your terrarium! As for this instructable, we used:

- Tree bark

- Sea shells

- Garden decor

- Stones

- Pebbles

Step 2: Layer the Jar With Soil and Sand

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Fill the jar with layers of soil and sand.

Step 3: Start Decorating!

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You can now start to decorate your terrarium how ever you want.

Make sure to water with a bottle cap full of water to your succulent plant every month to keep it alive!


Swansong (author)2017-11-23

That looks pretty :)

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