This is my (Marc) first Instructable, I am also part of the Make Class

Sorry for the wrong spelling our words, this is because I am an student from The Netherlands

This Instructable is not to make your life better but just a way how you can make a cool looking terrarium. BUT I am not a specialist at making this things. I just wanted to make a cool looking box with its own inviorment to be used in space some day.

(kind of got the idea from the movie "SunshineSunshine")

extra infoThe white bottom is a way so you can put it in a museum display (the white standing things) so you can fit that into a home made museum display and only the glass will be visible.
(but i did not do that yet)

Step 1: Stuff You Need

- (kniptang)
- (boor)
- Soldering Iron
- seizors
- screw driver

metal pins
- (bouten en moeren)
- metal plates with holes in them with a 90degree cornor

- wood glue
- (second Glue)

- Wood
- Plexie Glass
- hose
- little stones

- computer Vens
- Aquarium motor
- wires
- battery connector

Nature stuff
- (mos)
- Plants
- grass
- dirt
- and if you like some kind of animal to see if it will survive in your own made admosfere
it wouldn't be cooler to add to this a artificial light, so u don't have to take this box to outside... cuz the other things are supplied<br />
&nbsp;Waarvoor is de watertoevoer?
Very nice first Instructable. One question though, what is a boor and a kniptang?
Boor = Drill bit (or drill)<br/>Kniptang = Pliers.<br/>I translated from Afrikaans (South African language) which is a derivative of Dutch.<br/>
Kniptang could also be tin snips, or a thin sheet metal cutter.
A kiniptang is for like cutting metal or just pliers.<br /> <br /> <br /> A 13 year old Dutch boy<br />
well a boor is a drilling machine and a kniptang is a well thing where you can cut with kind of a sisars (euh..)
this is very cool, I plan on making this soon :D
Nice! Your english is pretty good for someone from the netherlands

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