Terrarium in a Bottle Necklace!
Fairy Garden Jewelry!

This is a perfect little reminder of life...of Spring or Summer!
Perfect for cold winter days...

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

Bottle with cork charms
mine are from Oriental Trading Company ($6.50 for 6)

Sheet moss or ground cover
(I found some ground cover at an apartment complex and took a bunch)

Different sizes of sand, pebbles, and rocks.
I used tiny polished or river washed stones.
(all found in the road or yard)

You'll also want some tweezers that can
fit down into the bottle.
<p>that looks awesome</p><p>?</p>
<p>Is the plant still alive?</p>
Ha ha ha! YES it is! And it looks exactly the same! :)
<p>This is so cute Nat! I also saw these little bottles at Joann recently - I think the ones I saw were even smaller and would be difficult to maneuver anything into - but great job - these are adorable!</p>
awwww so cute!!!
this is pretty cool, I have a small glass bottle like yours but filled with small turquoise colored pebbles in them, so my small pebbles have a different color to them :)
Im a guy but this is pretty cool i may make a larger scale one
This is so cute i love it
Adorable! I've seen those little (empty) bottles at a fair recently and I was so attempted to get one but I didn't because I wasn't sure if I was actually able to make a terrarium like that...now I regret not getting it!

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