You can make this huge, 5ft ( life size) functioning jack-in-the-box  for a scary Halloween prank: you walk up to your target with a box wrapped up like a present (ribbons and all), the target would then begin to open the gift and BANG! The horrifying clown would explode out of the box and succeed in terrifying your victim !!!
I will give a detailed description of how I made my Jack-in-the-box and how you can make one of your own.This project can be made entirely from home materials; I will even show you how to make  the humongous spring out of wire clothes hangers!

I made all of my plans in Tinkercad because it is easy and quick to use and  it offers a 360 degree view of the project. As well as this I found making the design on Tinkercad first meant that I could explode (pull apart) the  individual components of the final plan and make these bits individually before assembling the final project.

First I will give a description of how I made the CAD model (and how you can too) then I will do the same for the real life prank.

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Materials required for final project:
12 wire clothes hangars 
black bin bag 
skull mask 
round sponges
wrapping paper
cardboard/wooden box
paint (I used blue and red)
latex gloves (for the clown's hands)
toilet paper/ cotton wool (for stuffing the gloves)
lots of duct tape 

Step 1: Tinkercad: the Box

(You can just use my designs, get them on the Tinkercad website, if you don't want to design your own jack in the box version or, indeed, not at all because using Tinkercad isn't strictly necessary but it does help a lot for planning)

Although I will give basic tutorials for using the software If you are new to Tinkercad I would advise using their comprehensive and free tutorials.

With all of these steps you must feel free to change dimensions and shapes etc to suit your own version:
1)Open Tinkercad and begin by selecting the box tool; make the box as shown in the images by clicking and dragging  the orange colored box tool on the side of the screen.
2) Next step is to make the two lid flaps, as shown, by compressing a cube shape, rotating it using the curved arrows hovering above it and then fixing the scale to fit. Then just copy another one onto the other side and rotate as appropriate.
I thought you would of won first prize. Nice instructable, definitely better by far than others.

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