If you wanna build something high tech, truly scary, cheap, and relatively easy for Halloween, this Steampunk Tesla CD Turbine is it! It uses recycled CD's, Neodymium magnets and a Magnetic Coupling to power tools and implements.

You can order the BEST neodymium super-magnets here:

From experience, I can tell you that it's scary enough to be running a high-speed turbine made from recycled CD's, supermagnets and glue. But running it with a magnetically-coupledSkilsaw blade, now that's TRULY scary! I would not advise anyone to try this. I only did it to prove a point or two, and they haven't quite made this alien technology safe yet.

This Tesla CD Turbine incorporates many subtle and amazing feaures, such as shaftless, bearingless, magnet-separated CD discs driving magnetically-coupled attachments to high speed.(huh?) More on that later.

The CD Turbine works on either compressed air or water pressure. It's cheap and easy to put together, lots of fun and makes cool sounds to boot.

Pumpkin Cuttin' Ceremony with the CD Turbine.

However, the PumpkinCutter Skilsaw Blade Attachment has a big element of danger ...for both people and pumpkins! Don't use it!!...I only use the Saw to draw attention to the wonderful attributes and power of this little CD Turbine device, and things got a little out of hand. I promise to never, hardly ever, do it again. (There was an unrehearsed Pumpkin Cuttin' Ceremony on Halloween, of course...hehe)

I have discovered that this is not a project to take lightly. (With humour, but not lightly.) Under water pressure the Tesla CD Turbine spins a couple of thousand rpm, but under air pressure it is a high-speed dangerous device that must be treated with utmost respect.

Lets remember, folks, this thing is just a CD case, CD's, and magnets. And glue. Lots of glue. (...and keep telling yourself that when you see the magnetically-coupled PumpkinCutter Skilsaw Attachment smoothly wailing away at way-too-high rpm!!)

This device is built for working demonstration purposes; to prove ideas, not for longevity and everyday use. Hence the danger factor. (i.e. yes, things could self-destruct at any time...hehe)

I can really only recommend building one of these with the PumpkinCutter Attachment if you are a truly dedicated experimenter, and promise to wear your suit-of-armour and carry a shield, and cower behide a far-off wall.

We can, however, make a "point" to have some real fun with something a little less on the leading "edge", so to speak. So I suggest to perhaps substitute a Nerf disc for the sawblade! or use a Frisbee! maybe make a CD Turbine-powered Frisbee Impeller?

Hi-Speed Testing of the Tesla CD Turbine

Step 1: Start With the Basic Tesla CD Turbine

See my previous Instructable on building the basic Tesla Cd Turbine, (see picture below)

Extra parts in this project will be the Magnetic Disc Pack, the Magnetic Coupler, the Blade (use cardboard or foam unless you are crazy like me.) and miscellaneous brass parts to give the SteamPunk look and feel.

You can orderthe BEST neodymium super-magnets here.

When the world comes back to stone age, i think you will be treated as a king!
Haha, too funny!
wow this is awesome can this cut through metal easily
It has a sharp carbide blade that is meant for wood...and pumpkins! However, if the metal was aluminum and the blade going really fast, something will give. ;)<br> <br> A metal-cutting disc like welders use, would work much better.<br> <br> Actually, using the correct tool instead of this hot-glued together contraption would be a whole lot safer!! (but not nearly as awesome!)
yeah so with the right blade i could cut through light metals
Yes. The limitations are more that the magnetic drive can only take so much torque, and getting enough air pressure and volume to develop adequate speed and torque...
ok thanks
Could you place coils of wire above the magnets and make this into a generator/alternator? I suspect that getting 12 V out of it would be about the max, but if you had a 'free' source of water like a spring house it would be capturing energy that would otherwise flow to the beaver pond.
Yes, this can be done. I have recently made such a generator that can light 50 LED's form faucet water pressure in a 2 inch Tesla Turbine.
This is the instructable of the day today. Congratulations!
Thanks! It is humbling to have an older instructable come back to life on the main page, but this one is kind of a classic, I guess!<br><br>
I have known about Tesla for a while and I know about his inventions of the Tesla Coil, the electric motor, and telemechanics. But I had never heard of a turbine made by Tesla, so I looked it up in my dad's giant book with all of his patents and there was a whole section about his turbines! Thanks for introducing me to a new thing!
I'm glad to hear you are learning about the Tesla turbine...there are good reasons why Nikola Tesla called his turbine,&quot; the greatest of all my inventions.&quot;<br> <br> Tesla really believed that his turbine would &quot;make scrap of all the heat engines of the world&quot; ! (...and maybe it will someday ;)
OK, this is going to sound silly, but for the life of me I can't figure out where the water goes into the turbine and comes out again.<br><br>Does the water enter the system along the outer rim of the turbine (the CD) and drain inward towards the spindle or does it go in at the spindle and flow out along the CDs?
It can take a while to get the &quot;hang&quot; of the Tesla Turbine. It seems too simple to work!<br><br>In the Tesla Turbine, the fluid enters the outer rim at high pressure and velocity, and exits out the centre (spindle) exhaust hole, imparting its energy while passing through the discs. The discs behave like a motor.<br><br>In the Tesla Pump, fluid enters the centre inlet (or spindle) and exhausts at higher pressure at the outer rim. In this case, the discs are driven by a motor.
I'm interested in just building the turbine this is awesome. looks more intimidating than it does lethal i like it.
Why not put the magnets closer to the cd hub?<br>Wouldn't it still work; but there should now be allot less g-force on the magnets like when they are on the rim as before?<br>Might allow higher rpms before failure?
If the magnets are closer to the hub, it seems like it would provide for higher rpms. That's not always the case, as the magnets can act as the washers that Tesla called for and help with starting torque by interacting with the fluid.<br><br> Also, some of the devices I run require a higher torque than inner-mounted disc magnets can provide. The torque delivered by the magnets before slippage is determined by the radius and number of magnets.
you talk about letting the pressure build up would it work with like Co2, compressed air or something.
My Tesla CD Turbines will run on any source of pressure that doesn't melt the hot-glue. Compressed air works great. Or water pressure...or both!<br/> (see &quot;<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcda3HEWaR4">Tesla CD Turbine Test Combining Air And Water</a>&quot; )<br/><br/>The CD container can take up to 120 psi, but any restriction on the output exhaust will cause her to blow, capt'n! As I found out in one of the following movie...&quot;<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXo3e58rZ7U">Tesla CD Turbine Bursts on Kitchen Table</a>&quot;<br/><br/>I tried a paint-ball canister briefly; it worked, but needed a proper regulator to control it. <br/><br/>A proper Tesla Turbine can burn any fuel, or run on any source of pressure. The disc turbine design is the only type of turbine that can do this.<br/>
How about a turbine using a home made combuster like you see people do in converting a turbocharger to a turbine?<br>Instead of using the impeller made one using high temp S.Steel disks and see how fast it will spin?<br>You could use an output shaft with a gearbox to gear it down.<br>Or use the output gasses from a converted turbocharger to run the tesla turbine?
<br>I have a goal to build such a turbine in the near future. <br><br>Ceramic nanocarbon discs are best, but very expensive. <br>My turbine will be able to run off the gasses produced from a plasma furnace combustor. It will be virtually pollution-free, and in best case scenario will require no exhaust pipe.<br><br>I expect to build a Tesla turbine that has no bearings, no shaft and no seals to contend with. Now there's a challenge!<br>
If you were driving, held it out the window, and funneled air into, would it work? I wouldn't think so. but I had to ask. Also, could it work on vacuum power also? Another thing I just had to ask.
On a good day with a low-friction CD turbine, I can blow into it and get 500 rpm. That's probably about one psi (pounds per square inch) In the case of funnelled air, it will increase the velocity, but the actual pressure won't increase much. There will be about a 1 psi pressure increase at 200 mph, for example. The turbine won't go very fast on 1 psi, and will have low power. The CD Turbine could work on vacuum power. It would work best to hook up the intake of the vacuum to the outlet of the turbine and the nozzle of the turbine to the vacuum's exhaust. The heat might be a problem. It still won't be nearly as powerful as 120 psi compressed air.
Ok. Thank you.
You can't demonstrate your steampunk stuff without an appropriately steampunk vocal affect.
&nbsp;Very cool, I subscribed.
yah the texas discsaw pumpin masecrea
Did you dress up to hide your face cause your embarrassed or for added effect? ... I hate people who put masks on or change their voice... Its the internet... The only beautiful people who use it are stupid teenagers who tak like dis nd were bagy pants.
<sup>Irony with what youre saying about teenagers and your name =P</sup><br/>
Whats wrong with my name? Its an online handle...
youre talking about Internet talk while your name isnt proper? You should really look at the details.... XD
OOOOh thats what ur talking about... its a nickname that Ive had since I was little... I just added the 3 and the 0 to make it "internet-y" lol
I do not talk like that or wear baggy pants.
It was Halloween ...get over it.
I wasnt saying the outfit wasnt cool I was simply asking what was the reason behind it... Then i said i hated when people covered their face or voice for no reason... I never said you were ugly or whatever... Jeez... but your right Ill get over it...
Hey, on second thought, perhaps it is me who does require a new photo...after all that was last Halloween. Hmmm...I was thinking of a suit of armour...
Suit of armor would look excelent... If I may make a suggestion? With this pumpkin cutter? A steam punk outfit would look nice... League of Extraordinary Gentlemen like.
Good idea...thanks! Now that I've looked up what they are, I'd love to be part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen !!
That movie was interesting. I would like to be a part of it too. Now I just need to make the turbine...
You can build a basic turbine for about $10 or even less without magnets. It would be about $60 for parts to build a more serious version with bigger magnets and magnetic coupler.
Oh, because of my other comments and my spammed comments on your Youtube videos (whistles very loudly to self), you probably know I am working on it. So far, no money used :D
And, by the way, where exactly is YOUR photo?? hehe
like in a paintball canister
you madman... what have you done?!?!
Hehe, I've created a monster...with a life of it's own at this point!
you should use the salad spinner turbine for the hungry scientist competiton
Good suggestion. I wanted to have a full Tesla kitchen, but ran out of time and money.<br/><br/>I did do a self-contained Tesla CD Turbine Blender Instructable called &quot; <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Eco_friendly_Tesla_CD_Turbine_Turbo_Boost_Blender/">Eco-friendly Tesla CD Turbine Turbo-Boost Blender</a> &quot; for the Hungry Scientist, and Party Like It's 1929, contests.<br/><br/>Check it out and be sure to vote for it...and rate it, too! <br/><br/>

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