How to get a nice/free winding station set up for a medium to large sized secondary coil.

Step 1: Supplies for a Secondary

To build the secondary coil, you will need magnet wire, a form to wind the wire around. The form can be cardboard, PVC, or other non conductive material tube.

Step 2: Good Place to Wind

Winding the secondary is the longest most tedious part of making a tesla coil (IMHO)

So its a good idea to find a nice place to wind for hours on end. I picked a shady spot in the backyard.

Grab a stool to sit on, I also recommend a pair of gloves, magnet wire can be pretty rough on the skin after a while.

Also, have a roll of tape sitting near so you can tape down your progress as you go along, its no fun seeing hours of work unwind!

Step 3: Now the Setup

This is a pretty simple setup if you have these supplies sitting around. I just flipped a bench upside down, and covered the legs with old rags so the form would rotate easily as I wound the wire by rotating the tube.

<p>Hi,good day.My secondary coil just cutd away from my tesla coil please help me</p>
if i used 22 guage wire instead of the 24 magnetic wire do i have to redo it?
No, you just have to make sure your coil tunes <br> <br>Good luck, and do some more reading!
I wish somebody would make an easy to understand, small, and as un-complicated as possible tesla coil. I'm a long exposure photographer and just want BIG sparks. I'm not AMAZING at electronics but i do have alot of know-how, but all the instructions available make no sense. Will somebody just make it simpler.
if your looking for sparks, try a microwave mots transformer, use the middle prong on the base plate. big sparks.
one of the best resources for making a tesla coil is <a href="http://www.pupman.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.pupman.com/</a>&nbsp;- they have years of archives of coil building adivce to search through, or you can join their mailing list and ask what questions that you cant find answers to in the existing knowledge base
Tesla coils are extremely simple. They are just air-cored resonant transformers. Capacitor charges, sparkgap fires, primary coil fires, secondary coil picks up current, bang you have sparks. If you can't get an even basic understanding of tesla coils then maybe it isn't for you..
I'm just a curious bystander in this conversation, but has anyone thought to try to set that pvc pipe up on a motor to slowly rotate? Then you let the motor do the work while you simply guide the wire. Seems like it would save a LOT of time, given how much wire you have to spool onto it. Just an observation.
actually, when I would one of my coils I used a foot pedal from a sewing machine and variac and a motor.&nbsp; You use the variac to set the speed of the motor and then you use the foot pedal to turn it on and off.&nbsp; It works really well and prevents any problems.&nbsp; Me and another person wound our coil(4.5 feet of it) in about 3 - 5 hours.&nbsp; Not 100% on the time frame since it was over 8 years ago.
Yes, you can. I bought a 5 RPM motor off of ebay for a buck, and used that. I sat next to it and wrote emails, taking the occasional glance and slight move of the wire feeding mechanism. I actually did it with my one foot one and my 3.5 foot one.
yesss, thats what you do if your crazy.
Can you kindly let me know if you wound the wire so closely with your hand??<br /> How many turns per inch could you achieve??<br />
I'm knew so I don't know the protocol. Should I make comments to this project or just submit an alternate method of winding? I start here: To keep the windings tight and even, before starting the winding, apply 3 or 4 strips of double-sided tape down the entire length of the core. Or, spray a small amount of aerosol adhesive (I 've used 3M Super 77) to the core as you go. Either method einsures close windings, liimited pressure to the wire and your delicate paws. One more advantage is that if you experience a wire break it's easy to make a splice. I've wound at least 10 secondaries fo various diameters and lengths with no problems what-so-ever. CAIO
Probably make a new one.
I have a question. To avoid hours of winding, couldn't you tape the roll of magnetic tape or just unwind the roll a little then tape it and cut the side off. Then all you would have to do is slide the wire off the roll.
why not just attach a variable speed electric drill with sufficient torque to the tube (cut to final length) and speed up the winding process? You can get a 3" hole cutter and wedge in a few pieces of wood to fill the gaps. Put your wire spool on it's side in a box to prevent rolling away and then you can finish the coil in a fraction of the time.
I've tried this, and it can work, but the spacers really ruin it for you... If the form is PVC and too long, the support from the drill will cause the tube to warp and when this happens, it will go 'flop, flop, flop' with one 'flop' every revolution, and your coil will have a point, each revolution, at which it is nearly impossible to keep tension, and another where the tension is greater than expected and the possibility of a wire snap is greater than normal.
how do you make a tesla coil?
is it just me, or does anyone else here think the guy that made this said to himself... "hmm, I think that would make an AWESOME paper towel holder" and Now that I mention it.. PAPER TOWEL HOLDER OF ULTIMATE DOOM.
right so i need to make a coil too but i need to find a website where i can get the right numbers to make it work i plan in making the secondary coil only about 3-4 feet high and spend only about $50 for a transformer and the rest of the parts for $25 or so if any1 can hepl me it would be appreciated
Oh, and another note-a two foot long secondary is about 1300 feet of 22 awg wire! It might be hard to find that for less than 25 bucks, and a variac might pose some financial problems too...
Equations-<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://teslamap.com/">Here</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.richardsplace.net/tesladownload.htm">Here</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.deepfriedneon.com/tesla_frame6.html">Here</a><br/>
WOW! TELL ME WHERE YOU GET THAT TRANSFORMER! I was lucky to get mine free-being a minor helps impress the people at your <a rel="nofollow" href="http://magnelab.com/">local transformer store</a> (yes, only a few miles from my house, and I'm twelve). Otherwise, it would have cost over $300 dollars on ebay.<br/>
i actually found the plans for my coil in a book i bought at borders: "Electronics projects for the evil genius", but there are plenty of sites with plans on them. there are also computer programs you can download to calculate the specs of a coil based on the transformer you have, etc...
thanx dude oh amn this will be wikid and do u have a link to any of the calculators
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://teslamap.com/">Tesla Map</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.richardsplace.net/tesladownload.htm">Tesla Coil CAD</a><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://deepfriedneon.com/tesla_frame6.html">Deep Fried Neon</a><br/><br/>These are my favorites.<br/>
everyones got that book cause its the best one.
sorry but this is all new to me can the magnetic wire be wrapped around wood
To keep it short and simple, NO! Don't try it. It's really dangerous to do with wood. (fire)
Quite true. The requirements: 1. round 2. non-conductive 3. fireproof (your problem)
I'm almost finished building my 4 foot high Tesla Coil and was wondering was thinking. I'm only 14 and was wondering if anybody the same age (or younger) has built a Tesla Coil. I think it would be kind of neat to be the youngest person to build one. :D
I am twelve, and I have built one before, a very small one, about three feet high, and this summer, I have finally been allowed to build another, one that is calculated to output 2220 watts, approximately 6.3 foot longs arcs. I have built all the parts, and only need to wire them up.
two instructables will be added soon. one will be a tesla coil, the other will be a capacitor made of wires,and gum wrappers.
I will have a full Tesla Coil ible soon, covering everything a Tesla Coil is made of. It will probably be up no later than April 1st.
THANK GOD!!!!!! I have wanted to se an actual Tesla Coil instructable for so long.
About how soon? i wana build a tesla coil!
Yes please hurry with those, my school science fair is coming up and i REALLY want to be able to make a small/medium sized Tesla coil.
What about the rest of your Tesla device? Did you complete this (would be good to see the full project)? L
also, since you seem to be an expert on this, what do you think of adding a trinary coil?
no,im still working on it.
I actually stopped winding on that type of tubing, never use ribbed drain pipes. Definatly not pleasurable. I did pick up a pole pig transformer that I will use for a tesla coil, just need to re-fill it with oil or sell it and get a better one :) Ive been busy with other projects as of late, maybe during the summer months?
im also making one witha trinary and quaternary coil.its got 2 turoids,one inside the other.it sounds like i dont know what im doing,but i dont want to explai that. if that happened, i would just make an instructable.
(devilish laugh.)
Hey, check this out!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.angelfire.com/80s/sixmhz/trashy.html">$0 trashy tesla</a><br/>
Hmm. We made one out of scrap and drilled some plugs for the end of the pipe out of some hard cutting board plastic, and hung that from some wire. It rotated a lot easier than this would.
when i wound the secondary for my TC, i didnt use a drill but it would have gone way faster if i had. mine was smaller than that. if you set yourself up a good winding jig, you could make some and sell them on ebay. i've seen them go for quite a bit on there.
hey can i have the link to that website you got the instructions on how to make the coils
naw its not my coil :) i found this one on google. i just thought it looked awesome. my coil is shrimpy compared to that one. its a tabletop version w/ a 30ma 7.5kv sign transformer. the secondary was relatively small, but it still took forever.
hivoltage, Is that your coil?! That must be 8foot arcs at least! I have never used a jig, and it took about 7 hours to wind 22 inches of 20awg. I would take a week to wind that entire length of pvc. Have you finished the coil yet?

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