The Makerspace at Østfold University College were holding an competition where the theme was to make something with an WOW-factor, so our group decided to make an tesla coil.

Just a tl;dr:

the project was built with no prior knowledge on tesla coils so the results were not what we were hoping for, becasue we could only get it to light up halogen light tube.

Step 1: Materials

The materials we used were:

5 cm diameter (on the inside) pvc pipe (the longer the better, the excess part of the pipe can be cut off)
Alot of copper wire (used for both the primary and secondary coils, and the doughnut on the top)
Something to hold the doughnut (here we used thin metal plate that you can fasten with skrews, see picture in
step 5)
A small metal rod (used to form the doughnut around)
A round piece of plastic (this doesn't have to be a piece of plastic, it is just used as a piece to hold the doughnut)
A 3D printer
Halogen light tube
A power source, here comes our problem. We didn't use a HV power source, so we didn't get a high enough voltage.

<p><a href="http://imgur.com/gallery/7wiwZ" rel="nofollow">http://imgur.com/gallery/7wiwZ</a></p>
<p>hope this helps</p>
<p>That looks good! I've always wanted to make one, maybe one day :)</p>

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