Step 3: Mount the Motor

 Remove the blower wheel from the Subaru blower motor, and prep the motor for use by cleaning it. Use the original nut from the shaft to hold on the new flywheel.

The motor mount is simply a 7.5-cm long piece of 6 inch polycarbonate tubing, glued to a piece of 8 inch square polycarbonate. The motor is held in place by 3 of 8-cm threaded rods and wing-nuts. The rods are screwed into 3 threaded holes in the motor support plate, and then through the 3 mounting tab holes of the original motor.  

Would it be possible to add a waterproof &nbsp;version of this:https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Throwies/ to the water chamber? It would save having to plug in/arrange lights behind it and make it possible to move around or farther away from an outlet.
minus the magnets of course, maybe add some sort of bobber type float to avoid getting sucked into the bottom, with just enough buyoancy (sp?) to stay away from just floating on top also.
That idea could certainly work. I did try a regular light bulb and was able to get it to completely submerge, and control it's height in the tube!
epic idea
if you put a chamber in it like half way up with a hole in the center for the votex to get threw it would the water all just end up pushing its sellf out the top or would it not even rech the top , i was tinking of away to get fish to survive init , ok dizzy fish , probly have to stop it to feed them , wonder if they would still swim in cyrcals ?
Hahaha, I had the same thoughts myself! The Tesla Tornado would make a great fish exerciser...to build strong and healthy fish. The slow ones, however, would be subject to natural selection...;)<br><br>Since it has a 3 speed control, you could start them off easy, with a gradually increasing exercise program.<br><br>
put floresants in your water dich the crismaslights an put a blacklight tube style as bulbs arnt that good , then you could try also as most artstores sell floresant paints you could drop difernt colors in as its spinning , result the best lava lamp anyone ever seen ...just an idea to your already asum job
Fluorescent is a good suggestion...I'll try that at Christmas this year!
or tittle wiches
&nbsp;Both are good suggestions. I tried little duckies that were fridge magnets, but they got stuck on the discs magnets and messed things up. I tried beads, but they just swirl around at the bottom.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> A light bulb or soda bottle can get sucked to the bottom easily...movie about it to come soon! &nbsp;Subscribe to my YouTube at &nbsp;<a href="http://www.youtube.com/mrfixitrick" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/mrfixitrick</a><br />
i love it this is crazy but my sister thinks you should put miniture light farm animales in it
&nbsp;This is great! &nbsp;It would be fun to see what would happen if you sent a duckie down it...
&nbsp;Hehe, I did! But the ducks were fridge magnets, and got caught in the magnets of the Tesla discs, jammed them up, which required me to dismantle the whole thing!!
Why are you running iMovie 09 on your iMac?<br />
&nbsp;What do you think I should use as a movie app?
iMovie is fantastic if you're not a pro. If you happen to know your way around a video production studio, Final Cut Pro is the choice of many production houses and TV stations. And me. :)&nbsp;
&nbsp;Wow that's a little insulting. I make awesome movie shorts using only iMovie HD from either 06 or 08. If your a real pro you can make great movies without the use of fancy, EXPENSIVE, and over-achieving applications such as FCP.&nbsp;
I had no intention of insulting you. Sure you can make great stuff with iMovie, that's what&nbsp;I said. Yes it's fancy and expensive, but it is still the choice of the majority of professional video producers and TV stations. And while you can make great stuff with iMovie, with a bit more time and skill you can make really really great stuff with FCP&nbsp;:)&nbsp;
&nbsp;Brilliant use of&nbsp;technology and design. You always show the reader a way to have fun with science.&nbsp;&nbsp;
lolwut?<br />
post a video please! :)<br />
Thanks, mr robot... Video is now up, and more to come!
My cousin has a hexagonal tank that's roughly&nbsp;5 feet high and 3 feet across.&nbsp; I wonder how 5 of those would look going in it....&nbsp; (drools)
Mrfixits!<br /> <br /> I have been following your works since the beginning. You could get a tv show!<br /> Cool Dude!<br />
&nbsp;this looks amazing!
&nbsp;try starting with clear water and put cooking oil in the top with it and see what&nbsp;happens. i want to make this but i probably wont have everything to do it.
Great Job! I like this.<br />
This Is a fantastic Ins'ble!<br /> Can't Wait to try it!<br /> <br />
Excellent job!!! Thanks for sharing.<br /> *&nbsp; *&nbsp; *&nbsp; *&nbsp; *<br /> Happy New Year!!! <br />
Beautiful!<br /> That's one of the longest vortexes I've seen!<br /> For length of funnel vs diameter, it IS&nbsp;the longest I've seen.<br />
&nbsp;Awesome 5 stars and a happy new year&nbsp;

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