The Tesla turbine was patented by none other than Nikola Tesla in 1913. They use the boundary layer effect rather than fluid impinging on the blades. It's a high RPM low torque motor. So, applications can be somewhat limited in the traditional sense of what we think of as uses for motors. Though, Tesla himself envisioned using them in cars and other highly practical applications. 

Check out these Instructables to see some projects others have built and post one of your own! 

The Making of the Prototype Tesla CD Turbine style
This video shows the initial thought process and first attempt to assemble a working prototype Tesla CD Turbine. The thought process starts with... if McGyver met Tesla, and they wanted to do someth...
Build an Amazing Tesla CD Turbine  style
Build a real working turbine from recycled CD's! This Tesla CD Turbine is based on the Tesla turbine, which was invented by Nikola Tesla in the early 1900's. Tesla's pumps and motors were un...
How To Make A Tesla Turbine (Greenest Turbine) style
If you like this instructable please vote for it in the Epilog Challenge coming up. I have spent alot of time and effort trying to make this easy to understand and easy for anyone out there...
Tesla turbine from old hard drives and minimal tools style
Build a Tesla turbine from 2 old computer hard disk drives using basic hand tools and a pillar drill. No metal lathe or other expensive fabrication machinery is required and you only need some basic c...
Recycled Off-Grid Tesla CD Turbine Power-Boost Blender style
The movie below shows successful at-home use of this Tesla CD Turbine Blender. Recirculating Tesla CD Turbine with Air Turbo-Boost If this video does not play, click here instead This inst...
Tesla CD Turbine With Scary Steampunk Laser PumpkinCutter Attachment style
If you wanna build something high tech, truly scary, cheap, and relatively easy for Halloween, this Steampunk Tesla CD Turbine is it! It uses recycled CD's, Neodymium magnets and a Magnetic Coupling ...
SinkScience with the Tesla CD Turbine style
For this Instructable, I have tamed the wild beast "PumpkinCutter" CD Turbine of the last Instructable and made it into a docile, smooth and safe kitchen tool that runs on water faucet pressure! Basi...
Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters style
Here's a project that uses some of those dead hard drives you've got lying around. In the Tesla Turbine, air, steam, oil, or any other fluid is injected at the edge of a series of smooth parallel dis...