Tesla Radiant Energy Upgraded





Introduction: Tesla Radiant Energy Upgraded

A basic Tesla device made better from the one on instructables

Step 1: Info

go ahead and make this device https://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Mako-Energy/
but you don't need the capacitor just yet, first let me explain why this device charges so slowly it takes both positive and negative charges and puts it in your capacitor as in charge some take it away charge some take it away SURGE of power take a little bit away so your capacitor only charges every surge the way to fix that is an power sorting or AC inverter.

Step 2: The Needs List.

For this you will need:

2 capictors they should be the same and about 300 - 2000 uf
A breadboard with wires
2 one way diodes (an L.E.D. will do fine)
a Tesla device made here (https://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Mako-Energy/)
a good ground wire.

Thats all!

Step 3: Assmebly

ok connect one of the diodes positive side into a breadboard slot
in the same row connect the others negative
take the first diode and add it to another row
do the same with the negative only a different row
now hook the positive side of the capacitor to the the side of a negative diode
take the other capacitor and hook the negative to a positive diode
now hook the other two ends of the capacitor and put them in a new row
now add the grounding wire to that new row
and your done!
your device will now charge TWO thats right TWO capacitor about 10~30 times faster!
for you folks who can't understand my instructions heres a diagram( MS paint +diagramming = suks!)

Step 4: And Your Done!

ok now that you know it works do what Costco does! JUMBO SIZE IT! the power does work i used it to light an LED (yeah!) have fun with it.



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can i use a supercapacitor? what about a capacitor bank with the same capacitors? like:
would that work?

Super capacitors will work, however, due to reasons unknown after about 3000 uf an exponential decay occurs and the watts per day seems to decrease, im not sure why this occurs, Anyhow a cap bank in series would not work, having them in parallel would work , but, id stick with the super caps, its simpler and should do just fine.

How do you know a cap bank in series would not work? Capacitors in series add voltage, but in trade you lower the amount of Farads the array can hold. The opposite goes for parallel. So it depends on what you are going to use that output voltage for. You should have an understanding of AC and DC before playing with capacitors, so to assume super capacitors is a better idea is your own theory until you can report the results you get, but like HiFiMan Said, do your homework first. Do not play around with electronics thinking you will understand it better with an experiment Tesla invented.

can I use only ceramic compactors to make the radiant energy reciever? Or do I have to use the higher quality compaciters?

If you're taking a measurement across the capacitor that is DC voltage mind you...

If you're taking a measurement across the capacitor that is DC voltage mind you...

Work on the antannae, wich is very important for this setup. It should be isolated, not in contact with the air(painted,f.ex.).If you get it right , this tiny cap won't last long before it blows up.

there is a simple way to boost voltage: multiply receivers/antennas (P) and connect them serial or parallel... so, if you get 10V with one antenna, with 10 antennas you should get 100V (at least that is my theory)...