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A basic Tesla device made better from the one on instructables

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go ahead and make this device http://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Mako-Energy/
but you don't need the capacitor just yet, first let me explain why this device charges so slowly it takes both positive and negative charges and puts it in your capacitor as in charge some take it away charge some take it away SURGE of power take a little bit away so your capacitor only charges every surge the way to fix that is an power sorting or AC inverter.
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spynat931 month ago

can I use only ceramic compactors to make the radiant energy reciever? Or do I have to use the higher quality compaciters?

KeithW72 months ago
beehard444 years ago
can i use a supercapacitor? what about a capacitor bank with the same capacitors? like:
would that work?
itsthatsguy (author)  beehard444 years ago
Super capacitors will work, however, due to reasons unknown after about 3000 uf an exponential decay occurs and the watts per day seems to decrease, im not sure why this occurs, Anyhow a cap bank in series would not work, having them in parallel would work , but, id stick with the super caps, its simpler and should do just fine.

How do you know a cap bank in series would not work? Capacitors in series add voltage, but in trade you lower the amount of Farads the array can hold. The opposite goes for parallel. So it depends on what you are going to use that output voltage for. You should have an understanding of AC and DC before playing with capacitors, so to assume super capacitors is a better idea is your own theory until you can report the results you get, but like HiFiMan Said, do your homework first. Do not play around with electronics thinking you will understand it better with an experiment Tesla invented.

JadeS22 months ago

If you're taking a measurement across the capacitor that is DC voltage mind you...

JadeS22 months ago

If you're taking a measurement across the capacitor that is DC voltage mind you...

Work on the antannae, wich is very important for this setup. It should be isolated, not in contact with the air(painted,f.ex.).If you get it right , this tiny cap won't last long before it blows up.

there is a simple way to boost voltage: multiply receivers/antennas (P) and connect them serial or parallel... so, if you get 10V with one antenna, with 10 antennas you should get 100V (at least that is my theory)...

JacobJ29 months ago
I have an idea about combining a radiant energy generator with a solar engine , so when the capacitor gets charged to a level it'll allow an led - or maybe a motor ? - To light up , it would be something like a smart radiant generator
I'll test this myself and post the results here
totoalas1 year ago
Using 470mfd 450vdc i was able to charge to 320 v dc in 3 hrs
To increase rate of charge we can use hv on the pla te chk indoor solar less cap charger .yt with or without solar same as urged light handle and earth connection
techno guy4 years ago
How do you connect it to something so I can light up a LED?
itsthatsguy (author)  techno guy4 years ago
It can only power and led for about 10 seconds once the caps have charged for 10 minutes, its not very practical, im doing more research myself, to see if theres a way to increase efficency though.
To increase power you need to increase surface are of collector and use larger insulated solid core copper or silver wire for low resistance.
Collectors of less than 1sq meter are of little use,it's all about surface area.The collector itself must be insulated and works best pointed in an upward direction at least 2 meters above the ground,the higher the better.Keep the collector away from anything that is touching ground like trees and buildings.
Building up the diode/capacitor blocks in series will increase output voltage as well.
The most important thing with radiant energy is a low resistance earth ground I cannot stress this point enough.
1- large insulated collector
2-low resistance connecting wire
3-multiple in series diode/capacitor modules with parallel capacitor storage
4-a perfect earth ground.
A circular Toleroid with large half spherical cut outs maximizes surface area, like used in Tesla's modified orginal Tesla Coil, as described in his patents.

Then having perfect Earth Ground with almost unlimited ground potential (unlimited negative potential in a sense) is very very important, as it maximizes the potential storage inside the main capacitor. Imagine the Aether (cosmic ray energy source) as one big Positive charge of 100,000+ Volts waiting for a big enough capacitor/condensor to send it's energy too, day or night...and the perfect earth negative ground as the ground that can hold all of those volts and not be destroyed by it. Then the better the "Plate's surface area" and the capacitor's capacitance and Voltage integrity (thousands to millions), the more charge it can store from this energy source.

Of course, if you don't have the US taxpayers monetary black budget backing for finances...then you can try your best with a frugal model for max financial to energy output efficiency.
itsthatsguy (author)  HiFiMan4 years ago
Yea, i knew all of these, once the sorter is built its relatively efficient, but it still takes awhile to charge the caps, 10 minutes for mine (3000 uf) considering it used to take 24 hours, my cell was about a square meter a little more. Most wire is low resistance -.- no more "units" in parallel would not help since its not overheating it would increase the rate of gain since theres based of atmospheric qualities, my ground was a 30 foot grounding rod haha, pretty close to perfect
Resistance of a conductor is based on its material;diameter and its length.
I did not say anything about paralleling more modules, I said SERIES connect the bridge rectifier blocks.
parallel = more current capability
series = more voltage capacity
series parallel circuits give a increase of both voltage and current.But since you're still in the milli volt and milli amp stages it really doesn't apply here.

There is one other key element to a successful design I didn't mention because it's more advanced and that is RESONANCE tuning.

Oh and that perfect ground I was describing isn't all about the depth of the ground rod itself, but it's location in the ground that's much more important.
HaHa? I would hope if you reply to me next time to please do so without the sarcasm.Thank you.
Not all ground locations are created equal.

Keep trying though and one day you will learn what I've learned many decades ago.
When you figure the meaning of this sequence of numbers then you may pat yourself on the back. It's Tesla's real little secret.
I learned about RESONANCE tuning from HHO even though I can't get it to work.
How would you tune this to get it to resonate.

Don't diodes have a voltage drop of around 0.6 volts?
itsthatsguy (author)  6pak3 years ago
I suppose your right, which, but im having trouble agreeing, ive measured the raw voltage (without diodes) and its about .004 volts ACish (it kinda randomly modulates, anyways) the part i have trouble with is that your absouloutly right, diodes have voltage drops, but none-the-less it works, as tests have shown, i wish i could do more research into it but im not really qualified to go into the actuall physixs of the diode haha
LOL positive to positive and negative to negative.TECHNO GUY????????
Think of the capacitor as a battery,see the + and - symbols?There is your clue.
Don't mean to be a jerk but maybe you should try reading a basic electronics book.
You are a little to late on answering this because I already found out how to connect it, that's how I was able to put this generator in my 'ible.
and it should light the LED Day or NIGHT! Very important to the understanding of suppressed by Oil companies, big government, utility companies' Radiant (Cosmic Ray/Dark Energy/ Standing Aether wave energy/Tesla's understanding,) Energy and not Radiant "Solar only" energy.
jumico6 years ago
What results have you gotten? Better than the original?
itsthatsguy (author)  jumico6 years ago
Yes, the results are a million times better because the original is an AC current so it adds and takes away from the total charge of the capacitor, so it only charges a little bit. the new circuit charges 2 capicters with DC current, so it charges two about 10 times faster, of course the device works the higher elevation you are I tried it at sea level and at about 7000 feet it worked alot better at 7000 feet I don't know why, but heck tesla is very smart
Isn't the energy difference at different elevations due to the amount of radiant energy already lost in the atmosphere? At sea level the atmosphere has filtered out more incident rays than at a higher altitude.

What if we combine two machines: the flying ladder wind mill and the radiant energy collectors? Essentially you have kites that fly to high altitudes which is the best spot for harnessing gusts from the jet stream and apparently also the best place to put light weight solar panels! Radiant energy flying ladder... I can see it now!
kukulcangod3 years ago
Couldn't resist to comment for I had a unique opt. To test this radiant energy collector, with a disconnected radio antenna that shortly after was demolished, feel free to suggest what could've been better, my time was limited and so the quality of components for I was visiting from the USA, then again a spark I got while testing shocked the heck oit of me make me land on the muddy ground!..My finger was numb for the longest time! Cheers!

cris11336 years ago
if I link a bunch of these in parallel and connect them to a transformer will it be a reliable power supply.I mean can I at least power a desk ionizer?
What's a desk ionizer?
techno guy4 years ago
What voltage does the capacitor have to be?
itsthatsguy (author)  techno guy4 years ago
i used 10V theres no harm in going with ones that have a higher voltage rating but the energy the device creates is about ~.002 volts so any cap above 1v is overkill
techno guy4 years ago
Can you give some schematics so I could know how to connect it and use it as a power source?
-max-5 years ago
a geranium diode (1n34a, 1n40 etc etc..) will work wonders! as its drop voltage and working voltage are only 0.2 volts as apposed to silicons drop voltage and working voltage 0.6 volts
sarbot5 years ago
The 2 capacitor upgrade schematic drawn with MS Paint merely shows that a negative potential is allowed to come from the antenna and then enter the "lower" leg of the double diode circuit first where the potential can circulate in a counterclockwise fashion charging up both caps.

The double diode portion of the circuit creates (or would create) a sort of counterclockwise circulation of the potential if the caps did not absorb it first  . . . . of course it still allows for juice to get off the  'merri-go-round" and travel to ground.

To make that circuit more efficient use ultra low loss diodes (low loss in the reverse leakage spec.). You can buy silicon diodes that have reverse loss in the picoamp and nanoamp range.

DC usually travels from cathode to anode.

Dr. T.H. Moray was a follower of Tesla and his devices in the 30's and 40's used radioactive materials to ionize the antenna diode and help start up a current flow in his circuits.

He once got 50 Kilowatts out of his box device and powered several homes for a time.

Even though old timey vacuum tubes are wasteful heating up the cathode or the heater to get thermionic emission of electrons streaming to produce "energy harvesting black boxes" like Dr. Tesla and Dr. Moray did  - -  they still have advantages over solid state devices. For power, they can't be beat as radio stations still often use large single tubes for transmitting power signals, whereas it would take thousands of little transistors to achieve the same result . . . there are 27,000 watt single transmitter tubes available still, with massive air cooling apparatus surround them.

check out: www.pyrazo.com
itsthatsguy (author)  sarbot5 years ago
awsome, thanks for the new info

Kirbsome!5 years ago
I tried this yesterday, charging overnight, and it worked!
note that i wasnt even using a plate, but a bare piece of wire in the air.

itsthatsguy (author)  Kirbsome!5 years ago
i noticed it works better at hi-altitudes too, up in rtuckee (6500) using a 6'X4' tine foil "plate" it can charge two caps in 10 minutes
Good idea with the diodes. I can think of one problem though, since diodes require a voltage drop of 0.6 in order to pass current in the forward direction, any voltage peak less than that will not go into charging the capacitor.  Its also interesting in another way, because it shows that at least some of the "frequencies"(or static as the case may be) u are picking up with the "antenna"(paper sheet with foil) exceed 0.6 of a volt. recommend using Schottky diodes if you aren't already...

I believe the AC current you are seeing are simply random bombardments of ions onto the plate you are using (im assuming you have not insulated it if its the same as the other radiant energy system on instructables). I believe Insulating the raised plate will allow for a more static interaction that creates a displacement current in the circuit itself (think of the air as one side of a capacitor (like an electrolyte) and the grounded end of the circuit (from the raise terminal down into the ground) is just the other side of the capacitor with a resistance of the circuit work is to be done on.) OO--| |---@--| (the first O is the air, the other O is the elevated terminal with the gap inbetween them being the insulating layer on the elevated terminal, then the capacitor, the @ sign is the circuit work is to be done on, and the flat end is the grounded terminal.) The conductor, your circuit, gets its electrons pushed or stretched to one side to a certain tension determined by the surfaces of the two terminals (as well as construction). Then at a desired value, a trigger activates and the dipole (your circuit) snaps back to a state of rest. (its like two work gnomes pulling a giant rubber band! XD) I may be wrong, but its just a thought :) NASA has verified Tesla's research. Yet again proving a behavioral trend, that while the NASA science community spends all thier money inventing a pressurized pen, more productive species of human simply used a pencil. Theoretically as a monopole like object you should be able to "feel" the electric field of any moving object in the universe. Your internal detection just needs to be very good. If this were not so then atoms could not function. Whats called the Z-effective is how much the electrons in the outer shells feel the effect of the nucleus through varying equipotential surfaces (orbitals). This, rigorous predictions of 3d objects with intelligence, understanding of calculus, and experimentation with magnetic and electric fields can allow a prediction of the out side world from a single point in the universe, ie: modern astronomy. (even gallileo was looking at EM in the heavens!) enough rambling..... Thank you for your time!
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