Step 2: Procure Test Tubes and Measure

The next step is to source a bunch of glass test tubes.  I found mine at Paxton Gate in San Francisco, but small piece by piece orders can also be placed online at American Science Surplus.

Once you've found some appropriate glassware, carefully measure each of your test tubes, since in my experience, they are all slightly different diameters, and it's crucial that the supporting panels hold the test tubes snugly.

I got three different sizes of test tubes thinking that it might be nice to hold different size flowers, but I think if I could do it over again I'd get test tubes of all the same size so everything would be interchangeable.

really like this idea however if i were to make this i would be tempted to try some sort of lighting between layers thus lighting up the test tubes ?? dont know if it affect the flowers but maybe a little food colouring in the waster as well :-)<br>
real flower<br>Скорая <a href="http://www.tokonoma.ru/delivery.html">доставка цветов москва</a>. Делаем букеты.
why not adding a LED illumination on the lower plane, along the borders?<br />
&nbsp;well that makes perfect sense! thanks haha
I was wondering what you used over top of the blue panels, I don't see the blue when i look at the finished product.
The blue is just a plastic film that is over the acrylic to protect it.&nbsp; It comes that way from the manufacturer.&nbsp; Once they were cut, I&nbsp;simply peeled the blue film off to reveal the clear plastic - scratch free.<br />
I absolutely love this. <br />
&nbsp;Awesome job 5 stars!<br /> also if you look down you will see that everyone that has commented on this is a pro member. LOL
HA!!!<br />
lol<br />
Very clean and simple design with nice instructions. Well done!<br />
This is beautiful!&nbsp; Well done!!!
I love it!<br />
Very elegant!<br />
That looks really nice! I&nbsp;love it!&nbsp;
That's very neat and sterile-looking. <br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;OOOH! &nbsp;I love it when flowers are organized in patterns! &nbsp;Very geeky!

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