A very simple test tube holder for experiments.
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Step 1:

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You need a piece of wire - a hanger works well and some pliers. Open the hanger with the pliers until it looks like the picture.

Step 2:

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Take the piece of wire and bend it around the pliers.

Step 3:

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You want to keep bending until you cross over the wires.

Step 4:

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Make the first bend for the grip - about 90 degrees from the handle on both sides.

Step 5:

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about 1/3 the way up bend again 90 degrees from the end - towards the handle.

Step 6:

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Another 90 degree bend back down on both sides.

Step 7:

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bend in or trim the rest.

Step 8:

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Your done.

Step 9:

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Start experimenting! You can use a longer piece or add wooden handles to protect from heat.