Test Web Server ESP8266 + Arduino + DS18B20 (OneWire)


Introduction: Test Web Server ESP8266 + Arduino + DS18B20 (OneWire)

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In this test the ESP8266 + Arduino Nano module is used, creating a mini web server that allow a browser to see the room temperature.

recommended for these cases as it is DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is used and does not require linearization as with the analog sensors.

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Step 1: Materials

1 Arduino

1 ESP8266

1 DS18B20 one wire

1 resistor 4.7k

the configuration

the ESP8266 module is configured in AP mode or access point and the second test is configured as station, which requires connection in my case even router that provides DHCP addresses.

Step 2: Testing...

the ESP8266 module in Ap mode provides an IP address to the client or browser,
atravez the arduino sends a socket for port 80 web browsing, HTML draws a simple web page in which prints the current temperature.

More info:
Blog PDAControl English

Blog PDAControl Español


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    Looks great to internal private IP address BUT how we would go to access from outside of your home server i.e. anywhere in the outside world? Love to see your project expanded

    Can u make this for the dht11 sensor.....really need it..

    Hi John,

    I waited this instructabe, thank you for it! Instructables is full on projects which use ESP8266 without Arduino, but I waited this solution. I use Arduino to read data from an RF receiver, read an RTC and drive a touch screen. Using this instructable I can share the data through wifi also.

    Nice, but why would you need an Arduino for that? You can connect 1 wire devices directly to ESP8266 and even program it in Arduino IDE.

    1 reply