The Scenario:

My gas oven will not turn on in bake or broil mode.  Since it is apparent that the control buttons and gas lines are working, my first guess would be the ignitor has weakened to the point where it is no longer able to send a signal to light the burner.  The ignitor needs to be taken out and tested for continuity.

Step 1: Safety First

Pull your oven gently from the wall.  Shut off the power by unplugging it and then turn off the gas.
<p>so my old one that is not lighting is at 158 Ohms, and the new one I ordered is registering zero ohms. Does that mean the new one is broken and my old one should work but does not? <br><br> you see why i am confused. i know it looks like I typed that backwards but the new one is not registering at all and if Install it and its broken I will not get my refund. the old one is making my multi meter read 158 ohms though. I am wondering now if a new igniter is really what I need after all. </p>
THANK YOU! that was VERY informative and takes care of some of my paranoid thoughts... <br>

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