This LIDAR gun simulator mimics eleven different traffic enforcement LIDAR guns.  Each Lidar
gun operates at 904nM wavelength with short pulse bursts, some guns operate 100 pulses per second, some guns at 238 pulses per second, etc.  The Laser Atlanta LIDAR guns offers a special stealth mode" to defeat early laser jammers by hiding some of the pulses and confusing their detection circuit.  This simulator can reproduce the "stealth mode" to see if your equipment
is vulnerable.  Only radar detectors that detect LIDAR threats are useful for testing, as this
only transmits light not radar.

The following is a list of LIDAR guns it can simulate:
Jenoptik Laveg
Jenoptik LaserPatrol
Kustom Prolaser 1
Kustom Prolaser 2   
Kustom Prolaser 3
Kustom ProLite
Laser Atlanta
Stalker LZ-1
Ultralyte 100/200 LR Revision 1
Ultralyte 100/200 LR Revision 2
Ultralyte Non-LR

Parts required:
16x2 LCD (HD44780 compatible)
(purchased on ebay for $7.50)  It helps to search as 1602 LCD.

940nM LED (close enough to 904nM) 1.5V voltage, 60mA continous
(purchased on ebay for $2.99 for ten)

Arduino board with 3.3V power available
(purchased on ebay for $21.59 Duino 328)

90 ohm resistor (or larger)
10K ohm resistor
10K ohm potentiometer

Step 1: Schematics, LCD

The schematics are broken into four segments.  I suggest wiring the LCD first and make sure that works before continuing on, as this makes troubleshooting much easier.
<p>Nice job. Been looking for something like this for awhile. Can't wait to try it out. Looks like you're code is missing the #include &lt;LiquidCrystal.h&gt;.</p><p>BTW. Don't know what the other commenters are complaining about. Obviously they didn't get what you're trying to accomplish.</p>
&nbsp;First comment! pretty good. But there is no way to make a LIDAR jammer.<br /> <br /> I<br /> <br /> V<br /> O<br /> T<br /> E<br /> D<br />
<p> Unless good at electronics maybe not!.</p>
<p>Beware, most or maybe all AL, LI, RB-905 Snooper, Stinger Laser Jammer Testers Emit a Crude DC damaging signal. See videos on you tube from a Limey dude . Theses garbage $60 devices have Destroyed very many expensive Jammers. The instruct able signal I have seen on scope and is superior and safer by far, so make it</p>
<p>That's me below with a new username. I now only use a 75 Watt laser. My Video channel ran for 9 Years,120+ helpful Videos, stolen by a RD Forum Liars.</p>
Guy below like rdf trolls want to dissuade all from trying to make a DIY Jammer, but with sufficient aptitude it IS possible. I only use the awesome Splpl90-3 laser. A big leap ahead in area coverage compared to the cheaply made USA sold crappy variants. But if u want to pay x4 as much for same protection, not an M60 jammer, by all means be my guest. No power problems suggest to me these guys are not connecting the ground Earth, skip the 90 Ohm on ir led also. Dave
<p>Great project Instructions and 'useeful' too. The output from chip is a bit low 40-50mAmp I read &amp; wouldn't drive my LED array, so I added a TIP31A Transisitor in the common way (but new to me) now it has a stonking output as I run it from 12Volts. Does anyone know how to modify program me so I to lock it on 'Fire' all the time Please? mine only fires when resets pressed, then for just 1-2 Seconds..</p>
Mine won't power! Can you email me I need help ! Natismati @ aol com
Can you email me? I need to ask you something I may be not understanding your instructions on how to complete my build of this laser gun tester I literally have it where it should be working but I must be missing something because it won't power! Please email me natismati @ aol com
<p>I also simplified the sketch and had it running constantly, routed through my Oscilloscope. You Tube Video Paste into a tab and remove the gap. https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WHEWhlFutk&amp;list=PLwRovs-f9TKBxck-D6biGlblEiSj4ExIN&amp;index=1</p>
Wow! This is really cool. Speeding tickets are a right pain in the rear. A lot of people think that a radar detector will help them see the police coming and thereby keep away from a ticket. It might, but there are a few things to find out first. <a href="http://www.cardealexpert.com/news-information/fyi/radar-detector/" rel="nofollow">Read more here..</a>
This is indeed pretty cool.&nbsp; The giant switch statement is ripe for factoring, though.<br />

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