Test Video. Rc Plane Basics





Introduction: Test Video. Rc Plane Basics

This was just a test video and a General overview of a few planes and some basics.
I'm hoping to do a series of videos using Real flight G4 and maybe me actually flying.
I need feed back so any Comments or Questions would be Appreciated



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i have just visit here. I want to see this video, but i could not seen it. i think it is privet video, am i right? but can you please tell me why is this video is privet. Whats the reason?

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This is a private video? What's the point of putting it on Instructables? Can't watch the video - no point to this entry.

I intend to put up a better video this one was pointless bad quality dose not get to the point. Just havent had time

Here's a better question. Where did you get it and for how much?

i got it from my local hobby store. you can probably find it online heres there web sight. realflight G4 is out of date the current version is G4.5 but you can download an up grade for free.
Idont know the price off hand


one thing to say: DROP THIS CAMCORDER. download XFIRE or FRAPS to record in-game.