Introduction: Testing Cheap Airsoft Gun

I was probably aiming off the entire time.

Anyways, it's basically for $3 a cheap airsoft gun built from a dollar store cap gun (add extra $2 for caps, hehe) found it from a youtube video and reckoned instructables TOTALLY NEEDED IT. YEA.


create#1 (author)2010-11-09

what happend to the video not its almost like a blank instructable.

PyroManiac96 (author)2008-06-24

you get a cheap cap gun from party city or something. it needs to take ring caps, like in rings of eight, and it needs to be like revolver kind. you cut off the orange cap, so the barrel is open. you take airsoft bbs, put them in the holes in the front of the gun on the revolving part. then, you put caps in the back, and shoot its pretty powerful :)

Jason Boi (author)PyroManiac962009-08-15

nice make an Instructable

jakee117 (author)PyroManiac962008-07-22

see! even this is better than the video! (comment by pyromaniac96)

PyroManiac96 (author)jakee1172008-07-29

1st airsoft cap gun video
2nd airsoft cap gun video
here are some youtube links they helped me when making it

jakee117 (author)2008-05-29

dude tell us HOW

lupinesoul (author)jakee1172008-07-21

Yeah, isn't this supposed to be an instructable?! This crap belongs on YouTube!

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