Following my first Tetra Pak wallet Instructable made from milk cartons , I have tried different folding methods, alternative currencies and different Tetra Pak cartons. The most common carton especially in the US and Canada is the 2 Litre juice carton. After making a few of these, I believe that these work particularly well for a wallet.

Since this is very easy to make I will attempt to describe this in as few steps as possible.

Step 1: Cutting the Form

Cut the 2L carton open down the seam at the side. Cut the bottom portion off.
Cut half of the top sections. If the carton has a plastic screw top, simply rip it off.
Cut each side, next to the main panels, in half.
The product should look like the second image
This is awesome! Very resourceful. Do you live in Australia? <br>-BLUEBLOBS2
this isa bit different,but after making various ducttape wallets,i'll give this a try.
I'm finding the folding steps a bit hard to follow - I get it now but it took several minutes of puzzling over the photos. Perhaps next time you try to include the entire thing in the picture instead of just the close-ups of the particular flap that's being folded, and add arrows to the pics? Thanks.
siansburys apple juice me thinks?
wow, this was just published yesterday and I'm already getting ideas!
I agree with you nutsandbolts_64!! I'm looking at all my stiff card packaging with renewed intrest! My two sons have lots of stiff card boxes that several toys have come in and now I think I know what I am gonna do with them!! Thanks irvinejamie!! This is a good one!

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