Step 8: Variations

One major variation is using a 2L juice carton instead of a milk carton. Check out my other instructable for some direction on how to do this.

This Instructable shows how to make a wallet with pockets accessed from the inside seam of the wallet, however depending on how you like to use a wallet, you may want a coin section or outside accessed pockets.

For outside accessed pockets, all steps are similar, only the template cutting differs. Pictures one to three show the template for outside accessed pockets. Folding process remains the same.

If you want to add a section to hold coins, follow the process to make inside accessed pockets and crease diagonals to allow the pocket to be squeezed together to insert coins. When the wallet is closed all of the coins will be shut in the wallet and will not escape into your pocket. [see pictures four to six]

Enjoy experimenting and try other Tetrapak packaging. The 1L pacakge is good to hold typically sized notes, however other packs may be useful for other wallet purposes.

Have fun!
For most applications where you use a hard object to flatten down a crease or fold, it's usually better to use the back of a metal spoon rather than a steel ruler, as these rulers have square, sharpish edges that can scratch your material and make it look less nice.
thanks for the tip! <br>i almost used my ruler :P
Oops, I may have just added you to the group &quot;Steampunk&quot;. :P I like it, though.
This is cool, I'm going to try it sometime.
Me too, have had problems finding nice flat wallets. Ladies' wallets tend to be enormous as they assume that one will be carrying them around in a handbag.
very nice! but unfortunately its too small for european notes. btw very nice instructions. thx.
I have also found this whilst travelling over the world. the 1L carton is good for US notes and but bad for the UK pound and possibly the euro. So ill post an alternative made out ofa 2L juice carton. ill put a link into the variations section
&nbsp;That is soooo cool.
I collage my Tetra-pak coin purses with stuff from magazines/newspapers/comic books and then cover them in packing tape, sometimes finished off with electrical or hockey stick tape for cleaner edges. I like that your design doesn't require any closure, though!
Great detail and visuals!
Good to see someone from Perth here!
Wow! That made me lol at first, but those are some really nice pics and instructions!
Many thanks. One of the best illustrated instructables I have seen. Congrats.
sweet re-design, nice idea!

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