Introduction: Video Game Tetris Animation

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I'm here to Create another instructable: Tetris. 

Step 1: Materials That You Will Need

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To create a Tetris animation, 
I thought the easiest Way To create a Animation of Tetris is;
Strips of Foam board (Different colors about 7 different kinds of Color)
Cardboard Cutter 
Paper Styrofoam Board.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Bases of the Parts

Picture of Cutting Out the Bases of the Parts

There are 7 pieces of the tetris 
So I Used Paper Styrofoam To create the base for the shapes of the Parts.
Used the Cardboard knife to make the Base and use it for the styrofoam

Step 3: Creating the Shapes From the Base Onto the Foam

Picture of Creating the Shapes From the Base Onto the Foam

With the Bases completed for all 7,
Taken each base and made a couple of the Shapes,
for each base i made about maybe 20 each.


Step 4: The Scene

Picture of The Scene

For the scene i created a Large Bottom part of a iPod
Using Foam board to create it.
Then i Was able to allow the Shapes to stay in within the area of the iPod is 

Step 5: Capturing the Motion of the Game Itself.

Picture of Capturing the Motion of the Game Itself.

Within seeing this, one piece falls down to the bottom one at a time. 
i did the exact same way as the Standard of the game plays: One at a Time.
Here is The Video

Step 6: The Show

Here is the Preview of My Animation.

(One mistake, was when all shapes form a line the get cutted out But I forgot to do that or it would cause the Movie to be restarted all over again)

Step 7: How I Did It

here is a Timelapse With Me Showing you how I Created my Video


Win Guy (author)2012-05-14

LOL I love it! 5/5 and Faved!

Win Guy

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