Make your own tetris block silicone ice cube tray.
The mold created in this project can be used for much more than just ice cubes- try making Jello tetris pieces, or tetris soap, tetris Popsicles, or even tetris ground beef squares!

Mmmmm ... ground beef squares

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials and design for this project are somewhat flexible. The idea is to create many different 1" cubes, and piece them together in the form of the tetris pieces. The tetris pieces are then assembled on a board, creating a positive for liquid silicone to be poured on.

1. 1" thick wood (or any other solid material you have the ability to make the cubes out of; ie acrylic or metal can also be used)
2. Saw
3. Ruler
4. Sander
5. Wood glue
6. Molding Silicone
7. Hot glue gun
8. Exacto knife
Erchan1 year ago

is it possible to produce fruit flavored ice cubes?

cmedina72 years ago
very nice for a party, =)
Why didn't we think of that. http://www.hoshizakiice.com/Home_Page.html
TheMacyC3 years ago
builderkidj4 years ago
SHIFT!4 years ago
Hey Tetrinate!

Just wanted to say this build is completely amazing and the results I had with my own Tetris Ice cubes were amazing! Thank you also for inspiring me to create my own Video Game ice casts instructable : http://www.instructables.com/id/FREE-Z-or-How-to-make-VG-Ice-Casts-from-Papercraft/

You Rule!
vt130138 years ago
Did you tap or vibrate the mold to make sure you didn't have any air bubbles? I noticed a few on the pour images.
Tetranitrate (author)  vt130138 years ago
I tapped it a few times to get rid of as many bubbles as I could.
Mixing the silicone very slowly will also help with air bubbles, check the cure time of your rubber first though, most have more than enough time to be patient when mixing. Ideally you would make a vacuum chamber and vacuum the rubber before pouring it. but be sure not to fill your container more than 2 thirds or less or you'll end up with silicone all over your vac chamber! gooey mess!
it also helps to use an old brush to paint a layer of silicone over the surfaces, especially where there are overhangs, before pouring the rest
congrats for your creativity
coppeis4 years ago
Where could I get the silicone and the positive? Also does it have to be food grade?

P.S. I live in the NYC aria and would prefer not to buy it only line any suggestions?
neffk coppeis4 years ago
I was reading about silicon the other day and noticed that there are several kinds. They differ in the curing agent, which can be platnium or peroxide. Platnuim is safe for projects in which the silicone cures against skin. Not the same as food grade, but related.
coppeis neffk4 years ago
aleybru4 years ago
Dr. dB5 years ago
Good Instructable, coherently presented and well photgraphed! I may have to try this, as my wife is an avid (or would that be "rabid"?) Tetris player. I have to keep an NES001 alive and operating on each of our main TVs so she can "satisfy the urge" whenever it strikes... (Plus, the "XBoxed" grandkids are hooked on some of those "quaint, antique" games, too!) Definitely should WASH THE MOLD THOROUGHLY a couple of times, before using, to ensure complete removal of any remaining "release compound". None of them would be very tasty, and some of the "commercial" products are rather toxic... For folks going with wood as their "positive" medium, I would suggest starting with a 1" square moulding strip - might cost a little more but reduces cuts considerably. A hunk of angle iron or a pair of straight 2x4s nailed into a "V" would make a handy "alignment jig" for glueing the shapes. Perhaps a shallow cardboard tray lined with that "release"-type aluminum foil for an expendable mold housing? Hot glue should stick well enough but silicone ought to "peel out" fairly well. Plus, if the hot-gluing is done carefully enough, maybe with some cotton swabs for "dressing-in" the excess around edges, the shapes should "pop" out from behind without much hassle, once the facing foil is removed. (You might even get to keep the undercuts, although the expansion of the water as it freezes might not allow that to work....) This would also make interesting candles, and those needn't be limited to 1" cubes since they wouldn't have to fit a glass...!
mikoto5 years ago
Oh my goodness, Now I want to play with silicone.
Dr. dB mikoto5 years ago
hmm... I had that same thought a couple of times while Pam Anderson was "Dancing With The Stars"....
Theres plenty of novelty ice cube trays out there for sale online and in shops, this would sell too!
Love this. I was going to give it a 4 1/2, but the very idea of tetris ground beef squares... that's an instant 5/5 right there.
Morriscow5 years ago
 now if only they would disappear when i made rows... hmm *chomp* ow fk my tooth
rennoc5 years ago
You can make an awesome game from this instructable!!!
anniehela5 years ago
I like it. Very nice idea and can create more new ideas..
Radke225 years ago

Sweet instructable! 5/5! If only I was as creative! =]
My first instructable:

jotism5 years ago
<b><font face="Sawasdee"><a href="http://www.makeyourownmolds.com/">http://www.makeyourownmolds.com/</a><br /> <br /> there should be some useful stuff there...<br /> </font></b>
mickyminime6 years ago
i cant find moulding silicone ANYWHERE!!! im so sad. if anyone knows where, please say.
just a comment but you could use polymorph alittle expensive and not real sure if you can afford/find/want-to-work-with it and might be hard to color unless you got the right grade but if there is absolutly no place for ytou to get molding silicone(to be honest i never heard of it) try it let me know
sharlston cd416 years ago
what is polymorph?
A prototyping material. Some was used in MAKE: 16 SpyTech.

Dont rely on me. Just google it.
Have you tried the craft stores in your area? Hobby lobby or Michaels
bentley chemicals or smooth-on often give sample packs out for a small fee. I recon from the pics that this is the actual company too. good luck, if this post isn't too old!
jdc1875 years ago
where does one get molding silicone from?
EgViAgN jdc1875 years ago
adamgillies5 years ago
Food grade silicone or just normal silicone?
Omegablood7 years ago
Where do you get the silicone to make the negative mold?
You might be able to get it at a name brand craft store like Michael's or someplace. I've seen this stuff at the toy train shop by my house so just look around for craft, miniature, or model shops. You might be able to use something like a silicone caulking that you can find at home depot.
caulking is a bit too thick for this. you cant "pour" it right and it creates air bubbles. least thats my experience.
Caulking is also NOT food grade silicone and you should never use it for anything your going to ingest . On smooth on's site, they have a product called smooth sil 940 that they say is food safe. I work in film with smooth on products often. Just because it is silicone doesn't make it food grade silicone, Smooth on has a great help line and they will gladly walk you through what to buy for a project like this!
Do you have a name brand for the stuff or the section to find it in? There are several michaels around here.
tap plastic
Try this. I use it for molds for plaster
might be able to just cut an ice cube or two into the right shapes, might be kind of small unit blocks though
Definitely gonna use THAT at my next party, Thanks!!! w00t Tetris FTW
you must really like tetris
lawdog3236 years ago
I would love to know where you got your yellow box to make your mold with. If you could provide me with a link I would appreciate it. Thanks so very much! Robin
i think that he just glueed some pieces of acrylic together to form a box shape
zatek6 years ago
Cool, but seriously, the tetris bricks will only have the cut corners on one side and still being sqare on the other...
siferion6 years ago
For those asking about the silicone to use, try to find something that is acrylic based, most hardware stores carry both oil based (toxic) and acrylic based (harmless in small quantities). Acrylic silicone is the same stuff they use in toys and the like.
Zack9996 years ago
You could do just about any shape with this method. I would do diamonds ruby's and other expensive stones so when you have your drink on the rocks...
well, if that's how you wanna go around impressing girls..... but hey, she'll probably get a good laugh out of it
thats not my only trick and when it comes down to it little things shell remeber let her think of me in a good lite
Tee hee.
EPL6 years ago
haha cool they look like gushers fruit snacks in the shap of a square
make sure you use food grade silicone
matbh6 years ago
oh my god! its a hard work cut the edges of tiny cubs... u can paint the wood cubs too...
Love it
What type of silicone did you use?
Where You got it.
.(). He likes it too

Pretty cool
rofus6 years ago
nice idea
um obviously u can get it the author of the 'ible used it....use any flexible food grade molding stuff, silicone should not be hard to find, The silicone rubber material comes in two components that mix by a volume ratio of 1:1 did search on google for two part silicone systems and one for food grade two part silicone system i came up with lots of links from all over the place
btw forgive me, i didnt think to look to see that this was made 2 years ago, maybe the silicone couldnt be found everywhere then.....but it was an easy search from Google for me.... thanks again for the i'ble
not sure i'll get around to making ice cubes, but thanks for the i'ble, its just what i need to make the mold for my seed flat tray that i've been looking all over for, thanks a million.....
Very Keri8 years ago
psh, forget food dye! I would use juice or kool aid so i have tasty little tetris popsicles :)
koolaid or use straight fruit or veggie juice....many colors and good for u too
Tetranitrate (author)  Very Keri8 years ago
Mmm ... delicious sweaty tetrisicles.
it sound a little like testicles lol :-P
funny lol rotflol. tetriscicles. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(*sniff*)hahahahahaha
you should really think about making and posting a Rubiks cube ice cube
Weird, I removed those comments myself when I realised I was wrong. Nice 'ible, easy to read( but not to do :)) and well written out
your smiley has a double chin. lol
pyro13246 years ago
casey321b7 years ago
how much would all this cost and how much would it cost for a set of them. and would you sell a set to me. anyone?
also how many pounds does it take to do this project? sorry for double posting
Tetranitrate (author)  casey321b7 years ago
There is no weight limit for this project.
but how manydid it take you?
Tetranitrate (author)  casey321b7 years ago
150 pounds of me was required to complete this project.
I'm sorry but theres a 2000 pound weight limit for this project. if you exceed these limitations a team of hairdressers armed with hairdryers will melt your cube's and leave you with nothing.
Go to Google (or some other search engine) and look up pounds sterling... it's a form of British currency
Do you mean pounds as in money? Just helping to clarify things.
obviously he does... lol
i think he meant [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pound_(currency) pounds] :)
he ment pounds sterling lol
madhops06206 years ago
where can you get this molding silicone? I've looked everywhere online for it and have only been able to find a few things, and I don't think they're food grade
Is that tropical punch koolaid in the corner?
there's also parmesian (like on spaghetti in case you don't read that right) cheese and onions apparently
Not sure, if, anyone cares. And i did spell Koolaid Correct.
oh yeah!
Shut Up Now6 years ago
dunno if someone noticed this, but u may want to make sure it is food grade silicone. "yum! ice cubes that taste like rubber!"
lol... yeah... thats a good idea there.
Robogeek7 years ago
May I suggest...Tetris© Curling! Take a flat, smooth surface, preferably with sides. Player stands at one end of table/surface. Tetris© Master, with bucket of Tetris© ice cubes, stands at other end, with hands concealed by a (cardboard?) shield, launching cubes at timed intervals. Player must jockey them into position with an airgun/turkey baster/aquarium tube & lungpower before the next one arrives. Next one in line is placed on side of table in "preview area" so player can plan ahead.
Best idea ever? I think so!
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LMO6 years ago
Muchos kudos.
yutzwagon6 years ago
so much win. i must make this this summer.
i played tetris ice in the summer. they melted in a couple of minutes (like, two)
qwertyboy7 years ago
anyone up for a game of ice tetris? quickly now, before they melt
NT867 years ago
thats really cool, cept the part that has to dry for 10 hours but still a great idea
If these were just for playing with, wouldn't you have a non-melting time just painting the blocks. then again it takes a lot more effort to make blocks than just filling it up with water and freezing. I just confused myself, but this is a pretty good idea.
PKTraceur7 years ago
Im giving this to my brother for his birthday. he loves Tetris! Amazing instructable +1000000


Matt D6557 years ago
thats increddible
Stercus Fit8 years ago
This is amazingly awesome. I love it! I'm a clean freak, though, so I have to ask: Is the silicone mold washable with soap and water? Can I actually use these in drinks instead of just playing with it?
Tetranitrate (author)  Stercus Fit8 years ago
Depends on the silicone mix you buy, you would want to buy a food grade or high purity silicone. I have not tested it in the dishwasher, but I washed it by hand with soap and water and it holds up fine. Paul says hi.
Is the Oomoo you used food grade safe?
hellpilot7 years ago
rickyd!7 years ago
chalky rickyd!7 years ago


spay? value
kerosen7 years ago
hey nice proyect! The dying part was really NEAT, but the wood cutting...there were some scary photos there. Try to use that machinery in a safer way, meaning proper protection and security accesories ¿ok? take care........;)..
Brennn107 years ago
Can you get the acrylic at a craft store? What should I look for when I am looking to buy the acrylic?
cool Instructable(no pun intended)
bigfootduck7 years ago
♣♥♣ how do you change the size of your typing? ♣♥♣
Kopolis7777 years ago
YES!!!tetris and ice lol. [][][] [][][] [][][] [][] [][][] [][] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [][] [] [][] [] [][] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [][][] [] [] [] [][][] [][] [] [] []
snowman5057 years ago
buh! that is so lame couldn't you find something more yummy than ice !!! chocolate maybe , but still nice idea
I plus you sir. This will make a great jello giggler (shot) sculpture. You could reduce the needed wooden cube count to 20. There are 7 basic shapes containing containing 4 cubes each. Now reduce that to 5 because 2 shapes are just inverted forms of 2 other shapes. Now because you are already mold making I would make 1 wooden cube and mold it. Next I would make 20 acrylic cubes and glue them together to form my Tetris shapes and go on from there. Just to make it overall more consistent in size and shape. *Creative spark* Acrylic Weltris pieces with LEDs that turn on when connected together using magnetic switches.
lol ground beef squares :D
ultrauber7 years ago
It looks good just as the plain wooden cubes. What you could do is spraypaint them to be different colors, and that way, you wouldn't have to play in your freezer.
nice instructable! +1
Ben.land1017 years ago
this is very cool but what made you think of this
I think it would be fun to try and play tetris in the punchbowl.
I have seen this a lot on the front page ,and decided to check it out thats pretty cool my mom loves tetris if she starts playing it she wont stop till she wins. on the hardest difficulty
respect for you: i haz it
Would this work for making a candy mold? If so, I think I got myself a project.... Also, Mr. Tetra, you would be a millionaire in like three weeks if you started selling Tetris Pops. For reals. Let's all pitch in and get the man a jet-powered ice-cream truck.
DillDoe8 years ago
that silicon is not food grade silicon. It contains some oil that may be dangerous if ingested. I would suggest Elastack, which comes in transparent cubes which you just melt on the stovetop and pour over to make a mold when it cools. Can be reused by remelting. Plus its also half the price of Smooth-On you used.
Tetranitrate (author)  DillDoe8 years ago
Have you used it to make any, DillDoe? //double meaning
I've used Elastack for chocolate molds and works great. The mold releases from easily and doesn't stain (I've used food color for white chocolate) I've haven't tried it for ice yet, but don't see any problems, since I have put them in freezer to set the chocolate before.
We used Elastack yesterday to make chocolate molds, and found the chocolate slippery, and quick to bloom, upon releasing form those molds. We're in general fine at tempering chocolate, and the chocolate which we used in the molds had good snap to it, as well as good sheen on surfaces not in contact with the Elastack. Do you get a nice sheen on chocolate which you mold with Elastack? Do you do anything special? Thanks.
Mitten DillDoe8 years ago
Its silicone not silicon! Silicon is metal! Silicone is whats in fake boobs! Learn it!
I knew that silicone is used in fake boobs, but I was wondering about silicon being a metal, so I looked it up, and guess what, you learn something every day: Silicon is a metalloid. Has some of the properties of metal and non-metal. (Somewhat shocking?)

We now return you to your regular tetris programming ...
dude no offense but you learn that in 8th grade physical science
Yeah, I'm 13 and I knew that!
Yeah, but seriously, who remembers that stuff? Personally, I still have to Google things that I know I've learned back in elementary and middle school, lol. I mean, you might remember it if you have super good memory, but otherwise...
i do lots of chemistry experiments in my spare time
yeah, so that makes sense, no wonder you know that kinda stuff =]
do you know where i could buy Elastack in the UK
that silicon is not food grade silicon.

I don't know how you could know exactly what that type of silicone is -- considering we never said and that dye was added :p

In any case, we used a smooth-on product... and It just so happens that smooth on makes a food grade silicone ;)

Browser search for "food" -- it will be the first thing you find.

I know cause I can clearly see the label on the container 'OOMOO 30' Which I have and used (I prefer the OOMOO 25 for the 75min cure instead)
I've also read the included hazard warning and know it's not food grade silicon.
Hey smooth-on might make a food grade silicon, but the one used here isn't.
Good eye :p In any case, that's why I carefully worded my post above (I never said we used it - I said 'they make it'). :D
would the copyflex from these people be a good product to use?

Perhaps try Using Gelatin. It's relatively cheap if your application isn't for making thousands of copies... Although, keeping it frozen would dramatically increase the working life....

I think I'm gonna give that a shot actually :p
Tetranitrate (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Spammer ;)
DillDoe D3VUS8 years ago
Too expensive and only good for small scale mold.

this is the stuff I used for food molding.

it's cheaper and reusable. Learned about it from Jacques Torres, who used it on his show to mold chocolate.
John Smith8 years ago
Will this work for Jello? Like caffinated jello? Also, how did you sand the cubes? How long did it take?
Tetranitrate (author)  John Smith8 years ago
I used a belt sander for the cubes, so it only took like 20 minutes to do them all. Doing them by hand would take much longer.
I would suggest putting your table saw on a 45, and protecting your rip fence with some wood. This would let you take the corners of the 1x1 strips. When you cut them down to cubes, 4/12 of the corners will already be done for you. If you are a perfectionist like myself, you could also fashion a custom pushing jig for doing the other 8 corners on the table saw. BUT DO NOT try to take the corners off the cubes on a table saw by hand or even with a push stick. They will become projectiles. (Okay, with only 1/8 of the blade exposed, it's not that dangerous, but still a bad practice.)
Okay, thanks.
haha very nice!
shaebay8 years ago
This is so great! I wish I had the materials. Are you by chance selling them anywhere?
Skyfinity8 years ago
Awesome! Prehaps parents who don't won't there kids inside on sunny days playing videogames could have them play cool of outdor tetris. oh, and i can just se one of those midbender blocks being made out of ice, before it melts
Catling8 years ago
Ha ha, this is awesome!
ahahaha,simple molding idea,lol,and it looks great,I give this instructable 99of10. But i have one question,where did you get the molding silicon?
Tetranitrate (author)  knex hater hater8 years ago
Art store.
Miltron_B8 years ago
What silicone did you use to make the mold?? I've been trying to make a Cheap mold for quite a while but just can't get it right... Anyhow, Excelent, as always. Saludos desde México compadre!
lennyb8 years ago
hey im a little confused . this doesnt explode? usually tets projects explode! mebbe you can cast the cubes outta dynamite or gun cotton. lol nice job .just gotta make the tetris music while fixing a drink with the cubes
esotericguy8 years ago
Nice. You messed up the link to wikipedia though.
Tetranitrate (author)  esotericguy8 years ago
You inspired my entry in the Fridge Magnet challenge...
check it out -- Big 3D Tetris Magnets
Tetranitrate (author)  erik.teichmann8 years ago
Glad to help out with the inspiration.
cheesynerd8 years ago
Tetranitrate, You Are my hero!!! You've got the best instructables on this site. I use your stuff a lot, unfortunatley, my tazer glove didn't work (cuz the inside of the camera broke), but i'll try again. You Are so COOL!!!
uzerzero8 years ago
If you made a lot of pieces, this would make for a VERY cool stop motion video. If I had the time and money, I would do it myself.
tinkles8 years ago
That is so bitchin
DataCrash8 years ago
SWEET! gonna make a bunch of double strength jello Jigglers that we can all play with as we eat them for a geeky party i have coming up.... thanks for the nice molding instructable idea :)
Maxaxle888 years ago
Knexem8 years ago
Get one of those ant farm thingies take away the plastic farm and ants and dirt and use the glass part for real life tetris
nepheron8 years ago
omg lol sweet
odecom58 years ago
very cool project. you could build a mini-tetris shelf to store the cubes in your freezer :)
Nicklogan8 years ago
Another type of silicone release agents is vaseline(thin coat and dried a little bit with a hair dryer). Crystal clear(used the special effects industry{found in any art store/walmart}), spray paint would work to use as a release agent but i would avoid this when using it in a food related project. If using this with food I would use olive oil like stated in the article or Pam spray which works and is easier to apply.
unjust8 years ago
beautiful... but is that variety of silicone food safe? i know it's safe for temporary surface contact, but food safe is another ball game....
frogsbug8 years ago
I haven't tried this, but I've seen it done on TLC a lot. They usually spray the positive forms with non-stick cooking spray. It helps the silicone release from the positive forms. You would probably get cleaner forms that way.
The "cleanliness" of a mold is not dependent on the release agent (see my large scale mold making instructable). It depends on how nice your positive is ;) The reason this was harder than "usual" to remove is -- undercuts. This is the main reason we poured silicone over liquid plastic (very similar to plastic ice cube trays - and doesn't flex as easily).
stevoIution8 years ago
Brennn108 years ago
Cool Instructable! I guess we are all into Tetris these days! Tetris bookshelf, Tetris ice cubes, and Tetris on my cell phone!
Myself8 years ago
Who are you and what have you done with the real Tetranitrate? No flame, no explosion, no chance of getting arrested? What kind of weenie instructable is this?! (j/k of course, this rocks!)
Ushanka8 years ago
Sweet! Welcome back, Tetranitrite!
Tetranitrate (author)  Ushanka8 years ago
I never went anywhere, but school had been eating up most of the time I would normally have spent on instructables.

I should get up a bunch of good instructables this summer, seeing as I am interning with them now.
mrmath8 years ago
Modification suggestion. Don't bevel the last face of each cube. That way when it is laid down, it will be flat, and you won't have to cut out any silicone. You will end up with unbeveled ice cubes, however.
Tetranitrate (author)  mrmath8 years ago
I thought about that too, but decided that the silicone was flexible enough so that I could have all 12 edges beveled and still be able to release the frozen cubes. It just takes a bit of extra cutting, and careful pouring.
that is awesome, i might make that if i weren't so lazy.