Picture of Tetris Ice Cubes
Make your own tetris block silicone ice cube tray.
The mold created in this project can be used for much more than just ice cubes- try making Jello tetris pieces, or tetris soap, tetris Popsicles, or even tetris ground beef squares!

Mmmmm ... ground beef squares
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials and design for this project are somewhat flexible. The idea is to create many different 1" cubes, and piece them together in the form of the tetris pieces. The tetris pieces are then assembled on a board, creating a positive for liquid silicone to be poured on.

1. 1" thick wood (or any other solid material you have the ability to make the cubes out of; ie acrylic or metal can also be used)
2. Saw
3. Ruler
4. Sander
5. Wood glue
6. Molding Silicone
7. Hot glue gun
8. Exacto knife

Step 2: Making the blocks

Picture of Making the blocks
A quick Google image search for "tetris solved" returns the block layout shown below. This design (or any other design where the tetris pieces fit perfectly together) will return the maximum amount of tetris pieces with minimum space wasted. As you can see from this design (5 blocks x 8 blocks) 40 wooden cubes will be needed.

Making the cubes:

1. Cut the 1" thick board into 1" wide strips. Further cut these strips into the 1" cubes necessary. A table saw and chop saw make creating the cubes much easier. I recommend making a few more cubes than necessary to have extra (just in case).

2. To form the "classic" tetris block shape we will sand off the corners of each of the cubes 1/8".

Step 3: Making the tetris pieces

Picture of Making the tetris pieces
The design that we are using requires two "I" pieces, one "J" piece, one "L" piece, two "O" pieces, one "S" piece, two "T" pieces, and one "Z" piece. If you do not know what I am talking about Wikipedia has a very nice page explaining everything you would ever care to know about tetris.

1. Layout and glue the pieces together using wood glue.
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EgViAgN jdc1875 years ago
adamgillies5 years ago
Food grade silicone or just normal silicone?
Omegablood7 years ago
Where do you get the silicone to make the negative mold?
You might be able to get it at a name brand craft store like Michael's or someplace. I've seen this stuff at the toy train shop by my house so just look around for craft, miniature, or model shops. You might be able to use something like a silicone caulking that you can find at home depot.
caulking is a bit too thick for this. you cant "pour" it right and it creates air bubbles. least thats my experience.
Caulking is also NOT food grade silicone and you should never use it for anything your going to ingest . On smooth on's site, they have a product called smooth sil 940 that they say is food safe. I work in film with smooth on products often. Just because it is silicone doesn't make it food grade silicone, Smooth on has a great help line and they will gladly walk you through what to buy for a project like this!
Do you have a name brand for the stuff or the section to find it in? There are several michaels around here.
tap plastic
Try this. I use it for molds for plaster
might be able to just cut an ice cube or two into the right shapes, might be kind of small unit blocks though
Definitely gonna use THAT at my next party, Thanks!!! w00t Tetris FTW
you must really like tetris
lawdog3236 years ago
I would love to know where you got your yellow box to make your mold with. If you could provide me with a link I would appreciate it. Thanks so very much! Robin
i think that he just glueed some pieces of acrylic together to form a box shape
zatek5 years ago
Cool, but seriously, the tetris bricks will only have the cut corners on one side and still being sqare on the other...
siferion6 years ago
For those asking about the silicone to use, try to find something that is acrylic based, most hardware stores carry both oil based (toxic) and acrylic based (harmless in small quantities). Acrylic silicone is the same stuff they use in toys and the like.
Zack9996 years ago
You could do just about any shape with this method. I would do diamonds ruby's and other expensive stones so when you have your drink on the rocks...
well, if that's how you wanna go around impressing girls..... but hey, she'll probably get a good laugh out of it
thats not my only trick and when it comes down to it little things shell remeber let her think of me in a good lite
Tee hee.
EPL6 years ago
haha cool they look like gushers fruit snacks in the shap of a square
make sure you use food grade silicone
matbh6 years ago
oh my god! its a hard work cut the edges of tiny cubs... u can paint the wood cubs too...
Love it
What type of silicone did you use?
Where You got it.
.(). He likes it too

Pretty cool
rofus6 years ago
nice idea
um obviously u can get it the author of the 'ible used it....use any flexible food grade molding stuff, silicone should not be hard to find, The silicone rubber material comes in two components that mix by a volume ratio of 1:1 did search on google for two part silicone systems and one for food grade two part silicone system i came up with lots of links from all over the place
btw forgive me, i didnt think to look to see that this was made 2 years ago, maybe the silicone couldnt be found everywhere then.....but it was an easy search from Google for me.... thanks again for the i'ble
not sure i'll get around to making ice cubes, but thanks for the i'ble, its just what i need to make the mold for my seed flat tray that i've been looking all over for, thanks a million.....
Very Keri7 years ago
psh, forget food dye! I would use juice or kool aid so i have tasty little tetris popsicles :)
koolaid or use straight fruit or veggie juice....many colors and good for u too
Tetranitrate (author)  Very Keri7 years ago
Mmm ... delicious sweaty tetrisicles.
it sound a little like testicles lol :-P
funny lol rotflol. tetriscicles. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(*sniff*)hahahahahaha
you should really think about making and posting a Rubiks cube ice cube
Weird, I removed those comments myself when I realised I was wrong. Nice 'ible, easy to read( but not to do :)) and well written out
your smiley has a double chin. lol
pyro13246 years ago
casey321b7 years ago
how much would all this cost and how much would it cost for a set of them. and would you sell a set to me. anyone?
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