Step 4: Making the positive

Picture of Making the positive
The walls of the positive should be made from a nonporous material as to not stick to the silicone once it has dried. I recommend acrylic for this step, but really any nonporous material should work (glass, metal, etc.)

Once the positive housing is made, glue the tetris blocks to the bottom using a hot glue gun.

To prevent the silicone from sticking to the wooden blocks coat each of them in olive oil, or a non-sticking substance specifically designed for your exact type of silicone.
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Nicklogan8 years ago
Another type of silicone release agents is vaseline(thin coat and dried a little bit with a hair dryer). Crystal clear(used the special effects industry{found in any art store/walmart}), spray paint would work to use as a release agent but i would avoid this when using it in a food related project. If using this with food I would use olive oil like stated in the article or Pam spray which works and is easier to apply.