Step 6: Removing the negative

To remove the negative from the holder:

Using a sharp knife, cut around the sides between the housing and the silicone.

If possible break away the sides of the housing (it will make removing the bottom much easier).

Pry the bottom of the housing off of the silicone. Because of the undercuts on the blocks, the tetris pieces will probably remain trapped in the silicone.

To remove the blocks from the silicone:

Using an exacto knife cut away the silicone trapping the blocks in the negative. Once enough silicone is removed flex the mold a bit, and you should be able to peel out the wooden tetris pieces.

lawdog3236 years ago
I would love to know where you got your yellow box to make your mold with. If you could provide me with a link I would appreciate it. Thanks so very much! Robin
i think that he just glueed some pieces of acrylic together to form a box shape