Step 7: Making the ice cubes

To make clear tetris ice cubes just add water to the mold and freeze.

To make colored tetris cubes, first look up which game color scheme you would like to use from

Next mix food coloring and water to best try and match those colors.

Pour the colored water into the mold and let sit until frozen (5-6 hours).

cmedina72 years ago
very nice for a party, =)
congrats for your creativity
anniehela5 years ago
I like it. Very nice idea and can create more new ideas..
mickyminime6 years ago
i cant find moulding silicone ANYWHERE!!! im so sad. if anyone knows where, please say.
Have you tried the craft stores in your area? Hobby lobby or Michaels
bentley chemicals or smooth-on often give sample packs out for a small fee. I recon from the pics that this is the actual company too. good luck, if this post isn't too old!
Zack9996 years ago
You could do just about any shape with this method. I would do diamonds ruby's and other expensive stones so when you have your drink on the rocks...
well, if that's how you wanna go around impressing girls..... but hey, she'll probably get a good laugh out of it
thats not my only trick and when it comes down to it little things shell remeber let her think of me in a good lite
Pretty cool
NT867 years ago
thats really cool, cept the part that has to dry for 10 hours but still a great idea
cool Instructable(no pun intended)
snowman5057 years ago
buh! that is so lame couldn't you find something more yummy than ice !!! chocolate maybe , but still nice idea
Very Keri8 years ago
psh, forget food dye! I would use juice or kool aid so i have tasty little tetris popsicles :)
tinkles8 years ago
That is so bitchin