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Introduction: Tetris Puzzle Box

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This easy to look at project, turned in to a 5 hour head ache. I had this little idea to make this box and though it would go quick and easy, I even had a plan drawn out. Well the fist two pieces wasn’t bad, then more part got added. Problems just compounded and it turned into a real pain. I challenge you to make you. A project that you have to do to understand.

Step 1: Plans

The plan was simple. I designed six patterns that would interlock together. Although a simple thought process turned in to a logistic head ache. This project is based off the thickness of your material to keep it simple I use 3/4 plywood scrap. Sense the parts are divided into 4x4 grid each side had to be 3" square to start with.

In short your first step is to cut six 3" squares (Just remember this will change if you use different thickness stock) What ever you thickness is times it by 4

Make you life a little easier label each square with a number matching the picture above.

Step 2: Cuts

The cut method, I'll leave this up to you. I used a few different ways to cut the pieces. I started with the scroll saw but the cuts wasn't very precise, at the end I switched to a sled at the table saw.

To help during layout once I got one square cut I used the square to mark the next one. I used a making knife to get close as possible. After about the third one I had to really think about where the next cut was going to be. Make sure you label every thing its very easy to make the wrong cut.

Step 3: Fun Stuff

Once all the parts are cut out. The fun is putting them together. I promise they all fit together!!!!



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I just made a mini version of this baffler!...Mine is 20mm x 20mm x 20mm. I used 5mm MDF and cut it using my laser cutter..

Love it!

OK, I made it, but cannot solve it. How about a follow-up showing the solution?

The theme music (Korobeiniki) at the end is nice to hear.

The original Korobeiniki is actually long enough to use throughout.

Here's a very nice rendition on piano:

and orchestral instruments:

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Both of them was cool the remix was cool. Th guitar at the beginning was bad ass.

Brings back many great memories of the old gaming world.... well made ...

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Awesome little puzzle. I love stuff like this, and so do my kids. Added to my to-do list! :)

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