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Since it’s the month of love, instructable is filled with hearts. Surprise your valentine with this handmade card.

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Things you will need:

White Cardstock 9”x6”
Paint- red, blue and yellow
Pencil, ruler and a pair of scissors
Pixel heart template
Thin Styrofoam, I’m using the Styrofoam from a food take away box 
You will need cardboard too, not shown in the pic

First, fold the cardstock in half and crease. Keep aside

Step 1: Making Stamps:

Picture of Making Stamps:

Paste the pixel heart on to a piece of Styrofoam, cut off excess Styrofoam using scissors or x-acto knife.

Cut off 3 squares as shown in the picture. The rest of the heart should be cut in to squares.

And paste on to a cardboard leaving spaces in between, this will act as our stamp :D

Keep In mind that stamped image will be reverse.

I made a separate stamp for the 3 squares we cut at the beginning.

And I made balloons, since it’s all about hearts, you could make heart balloon stamps.

Step 2: Stamping:

Picture of Stamping:

Apply paint on to the Styrofoam, and stamp onto the cardstock. It need not be perfect. I loved the texture the Styrofoam gave to the final product.

And stamp the 3 squares right above where it should be, to give it the look of being in air, I tried to make it bit tilted and it worked fine.

Stamp on the balloons, mine has 3 balloons. You could make it more by making small balloon stamps.

Step 3: Final Touches:

Picture of Final Touches:

Let it dry completely, and using 3D out liner or a sharpie draw the strings.

I made a matching envelop in red craft paper. I stamped more balloons on to the envelop and drew strings.

Easy huh?  Share a picture if you it out.

Loads of love <3 <3


Muhaiminah Faiz (author)2014-02-17

Oh Awesome work Zeyani! love it and I'll vote for sure :D

thank you hun

Don't mention it :)

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2014-02-16

Loved it :), I think you & I had similar thoughts while making vDay card, please check my card here

thanks tarun, yeah i guess so :P in here everyone thinks alike.i did check your instructable earlier, and voted too :)

Oh... Thank you so much. You are very kind :)

no problem :)

sunshiine (author)2014-02-16

I really like this. I like how you added the balloons. Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day.


zeyanimisbah (author)sunshiine2014-02-16

thank you sunshiine, Happy Valentine's Day. :)

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