Picture of Tetris shaped board game closet
If you are like many board games aficionados, the more board games you get, the more annoying it is to get to the one you actually want. You can see what my board game closet used to look like. Every time I was trying to get to one game, it was a risky business.

Trying to have them all sorted correctly is kind of complicated too because there is actually a rule in the board game industry against having any box being the same size, like a very annoying Tetris game... or is it ?


I could have titled this instructable "Yet another Tetris shaped bookshelf" but I really I looked around and could not find any comparable board game storage alternative, so here it is !
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Step 1: Materials and dimensions for the Tetriminos

Picture of Materials and dimensions for the Tetriminos
For this project, I wanted to build 6 Tetriminos ('I" - "L" - "O" - "S" - "Z" - "T") and after carefully designing all pieces in Google Sketchup, I  added up all the pieces (all 38 of them), and categorized all the rough cuts in three sizes labelled : A-B-C.

All the Tetriminos are made of 3/8" plywood sheets. It took me 1.5 4'x8' sheet (with plenty leftover for errors !)

1) Determine the depth of your Tetriminos. For this project, I designed my Tetriminos 11" deep, it was driven by how much room I had in my closet (and the average width of my board game boxes). Having it less than 12" will allow to fit 4 pieces per plywood sheet.

2) I aggregated my cuts (A-long, B-medium, C-short) to speed up my time on the table saw. So I got 4 A pieces (22" x 11") 12 B pieces (16" x 11") and 24 C pieces (8" x 11"). Here are my 38 required pieces + 2 backups and some scraps wood.

3) With all my rough cuts, I now need to actually finish them to the correct length. You can see them all laid out on my workbench.
A - 4 x 21.75"'
B - 1 x 14.875"
B - 6 x 14.5"
B - 3 x 13.75 "
C - 6 x 7.625"
C - 2 x 7.25"
C - 7 x 6.875"
C - 9 x 6.5"
TOTAL : 38 pieces
coleheff9 months ago
tlee781 year ago
this awesome! wanna do this for my kids rm
squee20881 year ago
This is great! None of my boxes are ever the same shape or size! This is a fantastic way to make sure everything has a place! ~Thanks
Should've entered this in the game life contest! :D