Tevo Tarantula- Minor Mods





Introduction: Tevo Tarantula- Minor Mods

I had a chance to test and review the Tevo Tarantula. It is a DIY printer, and I do have a love/hate for these, but I am impressed with its performance on its first go (but I did make some mods for my own benefits).

To check out it's specs, price and ordering, click the link!


Here is a bit to start you with!

Step 1: Assembled

A quick overview of assembly. It came with a manual and that was better than the other printers I have dealt with. You can find plenty of vids on YouTube, so I will leave that as it is (I don't use YouTube because of YouTube. Long story)
But! There are plenty of vids to choose from, watch a couple!
Ignore my sloppy wiring, I will clean it up when I move it to its new spot.

Step 2: Y Axis

When I started up and homed the Y axis, it went forward instead of backwards. I looked online and everyone suggested inverting the axis in firmware, or even resplicing the wires. DO NOT DO THAT!!!
Just move the motor from the right side to the left. That easy! It's the benefit of universal parts.
I have not seen anyone talk about this being an issue with the Tarantula, so I assume this is just a rare occurrence. (The other issues were with Prusa and a couple other printers.)

Step 3: Brace Up

The main structure that handles the X and Z axis felt a bit "floppy". The 2 demon heads I printed are my way of testing a 3D printer because of the details in the STL file. As you can see the Before (light green) and after (dark green) are pretty close. These were not cleaned up for the pics so as it is, it's not too bad!
I'm just a bit picky tho...
With 2 pieces of 2020 extruded aluminum (2 six inch sections), 4 pieces of 1/2 inch angle bracket @ 3/4 wide and 8 screws, any paranoia I had immediately went away. 5 bucks for me to sleep while it works? Definitely!!

Step 4: Final Notes

It's definitely slimmer than previous printers, so it's better for space, still maintains details in prints, and reliable. DIY printers are great for beginners and cheap too!
Printers are becoming cheaper and cheaper but reliability and detail isn't something you should assume. Check out reviews before purchase and don't be intimidated by the DIY! It's a lot easier than it will seem and the end result will give you the ability to make just about anything from prop weapons from games to fidget spinners.
Also be sure to check out Thingiverse.com for the numerous files available so you can MAKE (personal favorite magazine!) to your hearts content!
As I continue playing with this printer, I will add if I make any more changes (IF any are needed or found).
I will try to answer any questions I can!



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Twiddling my thumbs waiting for my Tarantula to arrive from China. I'm a 3D printer noob.

After months of lurking on sites, reading up on low cost printer specs and scouring youtube I selected the Tarantula. Looking forward to its arrival.

Step 2 happens pretty much all the time. Just check the the facebook group and watch all the new comers say the same thing.