Picture of Texas Big Face - 3D Face Projection How To
Create "living statues" by projecting your face onto sculptures.
A How To By:  David SutherlandKirk Moreno in collaboration with Graffiti Research Lab Houston

* Several comments have said there are some audio issues . It is being addressed and a new  version will be released. - thanks everyone for the feedback 

In this document we will give a high level overview of what is needed in order to implement "Texas Big Face". To implement facial transfers both for sculptures and persons you need to accomplish several steps. Setting up a system that keeps the persons face stable, a system to capture the the persons face, connect your capture device to your projector and finally align your projection with the target of your choice. In this document we will cover each step. Some of these steps are highly customizable and have many solutions for implementation so this document will give an a detailed explanation of the process without getting to detailed on specifics on our implementation of the jig due to the fact that there are unlimited alternatives to keeping a persons face still for projection onto an object.

Implementations In This Document:

Texas Big Face - Superimpose a person's face onto any 3 dimensional object in this case one of David Adickes [2] '  20 ft tall sculptures.

Texas Face Off - A projected facial transfer whereby a material is used to cover a persons head. That and superimposing another person's face. 

Materials List
Digital Projector (we used a 1200 ANSI Lumens projector)
Video camera (any camera with a digital connection to a projector)
Jig (any tool allowing you to exact duplication for reproduction, in this case for face projection)
A target (any object, sculpture or statue) 
askjerry5 years ago
So I'm thinking... I don't need a whole face... imagine two of the 6 foot weather balloons... white... about 2 feet apart on black poles in a field. Then project two eyes on them looking around.

I'm sure that would freak out someone!
Thats a pretty sweet idea.
timotje4 years ago
tmsmalley5 years ago
In 1972, I helped my wife with her senior art show by shooting a face with a Super 8 camera and projecting the film on a plain white wig head. That way there are no shadows to deal with.
mastroprimo5 years ago
See pros. in action.

Zynn5 years ago
Ray Harryhausen used this technique to project a talking face onto a statue of Hera (I believe it was Hera) in the original Clash of the Titans in 1981. In that scene, the room shook, the head of the statue fell and Hera began to speak.   It is a really cool effect.  :)
cglaguna5 years ago
 This is cool, thought of doing it with wig heads a long time ago.
Got the idea from Haunted mansion.  This is exactly what they did, what 30 years ago?  I have been meaning to play with this idea for a long time.  They did a great job!
hollasch5 years ago
The instructable indictes that the projection should be level with the face, projecting directly from the front. However, I don't believe that this is necessary. Once you know your target and the location from which you're going to project the image, you simply need to recreate the projection angles in your capture rig. For example, with the giant heads here, you'd probably be projecting from below the face, and perhaps off to the side. In this case, place your camera below and off to the side, mimicking as closely as possible your final projection relationship.
Most projectors come with a Keystone feature that will help adjust the projection to the "target." Might just be easier than trying to adjust camera angles and jig setups.
Still a sweet idea for Halloween. Just thought of setting up a huge styrofoam head on my roof and projecting my face looking down on the kiddies as they approach. Now how to get my wife let me carve a 20 foot styrofoam head in the back yard?

The Capt'n is correct - adjusting the keystoning will correct for some asymmetry. However you may create shadows if your angle gets too extreme, so be careful - especially around the nose and cheekbones. You can try going without it, but you will quickly learn now necessary the jig is to this process. It's extremely hard to keep your face still enough to superimpose it cleanly. People have a tendency to move their head around or drift when making faces. Sitting in a high backed chair will help drifting, but nothing stops natural movement like the jig will. ~David S.

What about two projectors opposite each other? That should eliminate any left to right shadows, and would probably only be necessary on larger setups.
Another thought - carving foam is a mess and I don't know if I'd risk getting myself in trouble with your wife by backing you up on that one...  However, there is the trash-bag approach:  http://www.instructables.com/community/Inflatable-Animals-on-NYC-Streets/  You could probably use a leaf blower to keep it inflated, too.  Cheap to build, easy to store.  It would probably wobble in the wind a lot unless you maybe mount it to an internal framework or extensively guy wire it?  ~ David S.
Wouldn't the shadowing be a problem? for example: the nose and eyepits? I think projecting direct from the front eliminates any possibility of shadows
Hmmmm, interesting idea!  We'll give it a shot and let you know how it works.  Currently, we're placing the projector on top of an SUV and we won't always have the luxury of driving right up to the front of a face.
JessickaRay5 years ago
That's so awesome. It reminds me of Disneyland's "Haunted Mansion"
Exactly what I was thinking.  Still a nice hack.  I am sure Disney did it for more $$!
OH BOY!!  Does that give me a wicked idea for Halloween!!  Thank you!!
chibimaddy5 years ago
Very cool! Thanks!
I seen this done back in 1976 on the American Freedom Train.

They had sculptures with blank faces and they had projecters projecting live movies of the subjects talking.

It was very amazing back then...

And now, 30 some years later...
 I hope you repost this I would like to see this!
Learndy5 years ago
Ever thought about a balloon as projection target?
Airspace V - international hangar flying!
http://www.airspace-v.com/ggadgets for tools & toys
abcdave Learndy5 years ago
Balloons are a really good idea and would make for a great starting place.  A more 3D surface with a nose, eye sockets and brow greatly add to the effect's overall freakiness.  Maybe use a balloon as a base, then use paper mache to create a more 3D projection surface?  Kirk and I found a local moon-walk maker and commissioned him to build a portable, inflatable head, but it didn't come out so well...  It looks more like a Google Maps marker than a head.  :)  ~David S.
RedMeanie5 years ago
Sweet! H-Town in the House! We have those heads right by my house on 288 and Im thinking this would be a pretty good use for them! There arent any fences or gates around them yet I dont think. I believe they are going to be putting Every President out there and make it into a Park.

Definetely would Freak Drivers out because these things are Huge and Set Up To Be Viewed from the Highway.....
cammel85 years ago
 Whats with the freakin music?  Cant here a word the guy is saying.  I ended up not even finishing the movie cause it was so annoying.  Its like when adults are speaking and kids are interrupting.
IBeHoey cammel85 years ago
I agree with what cammel8 has said. It wouldn't have been so bad had the music track stayed instrumental but the vocals of the song come on right when you begin to explain the setup, completely drowning out the interview.

Its a shame, too. I can tell a lot of work went into this project.

Please re-post the video without the poorly mixed music track. It is a shame to lose all of the work documenting your project to something so small. Looks good other than that.
PKM guitar755 years ago
Seconded.  I would have watched the video all the way through, but the sound was so poorly leveled it was basically pointless.  Please, please learn to level your sound properly.  A good background track should be very unobtrusive, preferably almost unnoticeable, and that means being quieter than the actual dialogue.

Consider that not everyone likes hip-hop either- something more neutral would be a better choice, but in any case the music playing over the interview shots should definitely not have lyrics.