Step 4: Success

Picture of Success
Being that you've managed to zoom into the future, or that you've managed to reach it naturally, and jetted back into time to leave your imprint.  I would deem that a success.  Currently, I cannot provide any useful information on the process, experience or even hints at what this may mean...but, being my current self, the one set in the past-present (in terms of the linear measure of my receipt of this future text message), I can just tell you that my future self may have done something cute.

For all I know, it may not even be me that is sent this future text.  Maybe it was someone wishing me a happy anniversary?  In about 9 years, I'll be able to come back to this post and comment on it.  Perhaps I'll even be able to attach some new photos as time develops.

UPDATE:  Holy crap.  I was just a kid when I saw this movie, and I went to YouTube to find a cool ending for my post...and look what I found.  My answer.  WOWWWWWWWWWWW.   Thiiiss is why my text message is blank.  Ah, this is poetry.  Instructables, thank you for being part of my past, present and future.  Without you, these current dots wouldn't have been connected.  I am happy.  :D

PS...oddly enough, this is the only clip of this scene and it's only on YouTube because a kid, which I actually know (my mom's friend's kid), pointed to his junk.  Soooooo odd.

nayohme3 years ago
uhhhhhhhhhhh... interesting, the look on his face is while he does it is pretty creepy too. I wonder if it's a signal meant for someone in the staff behind the camera....