Texta Experiment




Introduction: Texta Experiment

Have you ever wondered why paint changes colour when you mix it? Well I'm going to test this on Textas

Step 1: Equipment

-Textas (primary colours: red, yellow, blue)

Step 2: Yellow + Red

Start by putting some red on your sheet of paper

Then put yellow over the top

Hmmm... I can faintly see the orange but it is there.


Step 3: Yellow + Blue

Start by putting yellow on the paper

Then put blue on top

I can easily see the green!

RESULT: Excellent

Step 4: Blue + Red

Now, put blue on the page first.

Finally, put the red on.

I can't see any purple whatsoever


Step 5: The End

So that proves it, basically only paint mixes colours!




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thanks for the tips Ben!

paint mixing is a very tricky thing. you start with a certain base shade (usually a shade of white). then usually there is a reference manual from the paint manufacturer with color codes that go with pigmants they also produce then said pigments are added to the base in a very controlled manner even a basic white paint may have drops of red, blue, magenta, green ya never know for sure and theres also a few more pigment colors than on your standard color wheel. this is all so that if you want x color of purple and than need more at a later date you can have a similar color made I say similar because its pretty impossible to get it the same and there will be some shade difference thats why its usually recommended to get a 5 gallon bucket mixed if your paintjng anything that may take more than 2 or 3 gallons and even then its smart to box (mix all cans) into a larger container then divide back into the cans for use.

oh my..it is not mixing because the first color absorbed in the paper and dried. If you paint a wall red and the paint it blue, it won't be purple it will be blue.