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My name is chandni Mauriya,

I'am from kaggalipura Makerspace DEFY.

Today i'm going to show u how to make cloths bracelets.

Materials we need for making this is.


A piece of cloths.

Button cell.

A4 sheet.


LED light.


Cell holder.

Step 1:

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Take a piece of A4 sheet cut the paper round.

Next take the cell holder tired the wire to the cell holder.

And then take the led light one said of the light tired to the wire of the cell holder and fix the holder to a4 sheet which we had cut round with the help of gum.

Step 2:

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After that take the pieces of cloths and the cell holder which we had fixed in the A4 sheet.

After that the cloths and fix the cloths to the holder.

After that it would look some how like this.

Step 3:

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After that tried the cloths with the help of thread.

After that it may look some how like this.

Here we are done with half of are bracelets.

Step 4:

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After finishing every think take the bracelet and tired it to you hand we u will tired it to you hand the light get automatically on .

Here we are done with are cloths bracelet.

After tired it to you hand it would look


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