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Introduction: Texting to the Internet

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No digital camera? No problem. Everyone either has one or access to one these days.  This is a trick I learned out of pure need and my desire to post on instructables. Even this crappy 1.3 mega pixel camera with text messaging can get the job done. *NOTE* I started to take a photo of this crappy phone, then I realized I don't need a camera for this instructable..... I used all stock photos :)

Step 1: Cell Phone

All you need is a standard phone plan that will allow picture messaging. I have done this with Sprint, Verison, and I currently do it on Cricket.

Step 2: Open a Flickr Account

I LOVE Flickr! Anyone can have a free account with up to 200 photos before you have to go pro. So, open an account. Then go to "Your Account" page, click on the "Emails & Notifications" tab, and scroll down to "Your Flickr upload email". It will look something like this: often95when@photos.flickr.com   Now, write that down.

Step 3: Add a New Contact

You will notice when you go to add a new contact there is a spot for an email address. Add Flickr as a new contact with your new account upload email address and save it.

Step 4: Send a Picture Message

Now take your photo and send it to your Flickr contact. Now you can edit that photo to Piknic and upload directly from instructables. You almost don't need a camera, just a phone.

Step 5: +email.......

Now that you mastered that, add your email address to your contacts and send yourself a text. Go to your in box and you will see an email with an address similar to this: 6025551212@mms.mycricket.com. Now you have an email address for your phone! It is limited and you cannot get attachments. BUT, if you need to send a message or receive short messages, THIS WORKS! good luck



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    Thanks! I've got a Tracfone (and its perfect for me) except that I can't download pics to my 'puter!!! Now I'll have easier access to them!

    i do this with my cricket except i use photobucket, the only problem i had was they took down an x rated photo of my lady i sent to be stashed, i guess they have ways to ID peoples junk, for what ever reason my phone wont connect to the computer via USB so i have to email all my pix

    Mission accomplished! nice

    Thanks for sharing this! I read on the forum someone wanted to participate here and did not have a camera! Maybe this will help them!

    6 replies

    Thanks. I read that thread this morning and it got me motivated. Sound familiar? lol :) I learned this trick while hobo cycling across Texas with a prepaid phone and texting was unlimited.

    Texas eh? We will be moving there but I am not sure exactly when. My kids will be there also so I am sooooo excited! Keep up the good work!

    My camping instructable is about that trip. From San Antonio to Texarkana. I fell in love with East Texas and almost stayed in Texarkana. BUT YOU CAN HAVE THAT TEX MEX! Give me a fish taco any day

    New Mexico (Mexican food) is the best I have been told! How about Taco Bell?

    If I'm in a Taco Bell, I have to use the bathroom REAL BAD!!!!!! Tucson has my favorite Mexican food, (home of the Chimichanga) BUT I will only talk trash about TEX MEX....... I don't know what happen to those poor folks