Introduction: Thank You Instructables!

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Finally I've got the package with the Grand Prize for the Paracord Contest.
It's a wonderful pack with the Robot t-shirt and the custom laser-etched Leatherman. This is a kind of Thank You video for the prize.

I put the Instructables robot sticker on a plexi glass. I took my Arduino and a 8x32 led matrix from SureElectonics. I asked my father to help me a bit in coding and this is: Thank You Instructables!

The source code for Arduino.

Step 1: Arduino Led Matrix Connection

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This is how I connect the Sureelectronics 0832 (8 raws and 32 columns) led matix to the Arduino.


Build_it_Bob (author)2012-03-29

Very nice way to say thanks bkb2 ! Great job with the video and matrix!

bkb2 (author)Build_it_Bob2012-03-30

Thank You for Your comment.
Best wishes!

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