Picture of Thanksgiving Apron From Old Pants and Scraps
Ok, I'm not a great cook, but with this apron, I look like one!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Fabric scraps - try to use fall colors with lots of pattern on them.
1 Pant leg from pants that fit you. Do not use stretch jeans.
1 men's shirt collar
1 Red fabric scrap
Black buttons
Needle & Thread
Decorative buttons
Steam-a-seam, stitch witch, or any other applique fusable brand.

(I found two books of fabric samples at a flea market, and will be showing those.)

Step 2: Making the Apron

Picture of Making the Apron
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 012.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 014.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 028.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 032.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 034.jpg
(For this part, I cheated by using an old apron I got at a garage sale. It's much cheaper than buying a pattern.)

Cut off one pant leg, and cut off one side seam completely. Cut off the bottom hem. 

Open the leg, and lay it flat. Place the apron over it, and trace around, leaving 1" inch on all sides. 

Cut out the shape. To make sure it's even, fold it in half, and cut out one side. 

Iron and  hem all the way around the apron. 

Step 3: Making the Turkey

Picture of Making the Turkey
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 040.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 042.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 043.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 046.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 048.jpg
Thanksgiving & Christmas aprons 052.jpg
Arrange your fabric scraps in the order you want, then number them on the back before cutting them out.  

Feathers: Cut out 8 Tear-drop shapes 7 inches long, 4 inches wide at the top, tapering down into a point. 

Body: Using a contrasting fabric cut out an hourglass shape 9 inches high. The head should be about 3.5 inches wide, while the body is 4.5 inches wide.

Beak: Cut one triangle from orange material, or felt. Cut a U shape from red fabric or felt that is 2.5 inches high.

Eyes: Black buttons

Using double-stick Steam-a-Seam, place a strip on the back of each cut-out. There's no need to cover the entire back side unless you are using very flimsy fabric. Stick the "feathers" in a semi-circle, and iron with the steam setting on full. Place the body over the middle of the pointed ends of the feathers, and iron again. Repeat for the beak and wattle.

Using matching threads, go over each edge with a fairly tight zig-zag stitch.

drwebster1 year ago
wow,amazing,recycled beauty!
rsmith633 years ago
Making "Our Momma" a dozen aprons for Christmas, and I'm adding this one to make it a baker's dozen. It's so cute, and I love that it's recycled, that's the only way I roll. Thanks for sharing.
Very Interesting (author)  rsmith633 years ago
Post pictures of your aprons; I'd love to see them!
Sam I Am3 years ago
Realy cool! It sounds realy fun to make. ps: exalent job on turkey.
That is really cute! Great job on the Turkey!