Ok, I'm not a great cook, but with this apron, I look like one!

Step 1: Materials

Fabric scraps - try to use fall colors with lots of pattern on them.
1 Pant leg from pants that fit you. Do not use stretch jeans.
1 men's shirt collar
1 Red fabric scrap
Black buttons
Needle & Thread
Decorative buttons
Steam-a-seam, stitch witch, or any other applique fusable brand.

(I found two books of fabric samples at a flea market, and will be showing those.)


wow,amazing,recycled beauty!
Making "Our Momma" a dozen aprons for Christmas, and I'm adding this one to make it a baker's dozen. It's so cute, and I love that it's recycled, that's the only way I roll. Thanks for sharing.
Post pictures of your aprons; I'd love to see them!<br>
Realy cool! It sounds realy fun to make. ps: exalent job on turkey.
That is really cute! Great job on the Turkey!

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