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Shopping calculator that will present a complete Thanksgiving shopping list, and how much to cook of each menu item, after just entering a few variables.

Step 1: Download Thanksgiving Calculator

Get file, which has been uploaded here.
canida6 years ago
This Instructable was featured on NPR's Here & Now on November 24, 2008!
frollard4 years ago
Great ible and concept -- I would recommend strongly either showing the formulae, or consider protecting it WITHOUT a password -- that way you can't accidentally change a formula, but if 'we' need to we can.

It could also benefit from making a conversion table of '1 guest = this much turkey
jello6664 years ago
i try to use it and it say's it's read only
This works in OpenOffice perfectly, just in case anyone was wondering.
CodeKid10014 years ago
So any math whizzes ot there calculate this:
21 kids/teens (1 vegitarian)
6 men
9 women
kids and women eat 1.5-2 servings
men eat 2+ servings
How many pounds of food?
BTW true story
it is good but required it in the HTML better to write code to it
Allenibew7 years ago
does the calculator come in any other formats
spacejockeys (author)  Allenibew7 years ago
I just have this in excel...Access, Excel, and HTML are about as far as my coding skills reach.
spacejockeys (author) 8 years ago
You should also note that how much to buy is a factor of overall weight; e.g., an 8-pound turkey has a much higher bone:meat ratio than does a 16-pound turkey. Here, you see that the 17-pound bird recommendation is based upon 1/2 pound per average serving. Which is PLENTY OF MEAT, especially given the smaller bone:meat ratio! Also, I've noticed that my cookbook recommends a smaller portion size for beef/ham/lamb than it does for turkey. Maybe those meats are more filling given that they are more caloric?
dataphool8 years ago
18 + 4 meals sounds like an awful lot to get from only 17 pounds but getting some idea how much will be handy for the next meal... traditional meal for Easter at our house is ham but maybe I can make some changes. Thanks
rachel8 years ago
Yep, that's better than Roast Beef's eggs & milk calculator: http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=05082002