Introduction: Thanksgiving Candle/tea Light Holder

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Sometimes it's hard to think of how to decorate for thanksgiving. Nobody i know really decorates for thanksgiving or they just add leaves to their halloween decor. Why not put those leaves on a jar! This is my first instructable i'm really just derping around.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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Different sized jars
Tea light/ candle
Fall colored fake leaves
Tape or glue(i use tape)

Step 2: Start Tapin!

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Tape those leaves all over it! Over lap some, and leave some spaces

Step 3: Deformed Leaves

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It's thanksgiving so be nice to those poor little leaves with their stems way over. Just stick it on and leave the stem where it is.

Step 4: More Leaves on More Jars

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Do more jars. Different sizes and shapes look better and i think it looks best to have an odd amount of different sized jars together

Step 5: Arrange and Place More Leaves

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Put them however you want and place more leaves around them. I have them on a shelf i made recently in shop

Step 6: Fin

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Your done! Yay! Im bored now...


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-11-09

Very pretty, I bet it looks great lit up!

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