Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Place Card Holders




Introduction: Thanksgiving Crafts: Thanksgiving Place Card Holders

Use these cute place card holders for your Thanksgiving table this year!

Here’s what you need for this Thanksgiving craft:

• Turkey Lollipops Feather Template
• Dum Dums
• Orange, yellow, green and red cardstock
• 3” X 3” cardstock square
• Wooden bead
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun
• Yellow and red felt
• Black Sharpie
• Pencil

Here’s how to make them:

1. Print out the leaf/feather template.

2. Trace the feather onto orange, yellow, green and red cardstock. You’ll need one each per turkey lollipop. Once traced, cut them out.

3. Fan out the feather/leaf template and glue together. You can put them in any color order you like.

4. Glue the Dum Dum to the square piece of cardstock and glue the leaves/feathers to the back of the Dum Dum.

5. Using the Sharpie, draw eyes onto the bead “head”.

6. Place a small amount of glue inside the bead and slide it over the Dum Dum stick.

7. Cut off any extra stick so that the stick ends where the bead ends.

8. Use scissors to cut out a small triangle for the beak from the yellow felt and a narrower triangle from the red felt for the “gobbler”. Glue onto the turkey’s face.

9. Finally, write your guest’s names onto the bottom cardstock and place at the table. Now everyone will know where to sit!



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