Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes





Introduction: Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes

These are my favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes!



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    Very cute! What kind of candy make up the carrots and butter?

    Very cute! I've seen these in Hello Cupcake, or the sequel by the same peeps like the idea of a large amount of them.  I've always wanted to make some of the food like cupcakes around April Fools, but never seem to remember until after the date!  nice job!

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    These were actually the result of some frustrating moments when I couldn't get the ones from the book to look right. They were really tricky and the stupid caramel turkey skin wouldn't go on right. Good thing I had cornflakes! :)

    I like your corn flakes! (I had to go look in the book) I think some of yours look better than theirs, your turkey for instance. :) How do they taste? I've always wanted to know if it boggles the brain that it's not mashed potatoes....and if all the candies on cake taste good together. Good luck in the contest by the way, your going to get my vote when it opens up. ;)

    Could you tell us more about what you used to make these and a little bit on your technique?

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    Sure! The cupcakes themselves are just a delicious vanilla cake and I used vanilla buttercream frosting. The turkeys are mounded frosting with cornflake crumbs. The stuffing is frosting glazed grape nuts with green nonperils. The drumsticks are graham sticks with caramels shaped on them. The peas are m & m's, the carrots starburst. The mashed potatoes are mounded frosting and I drizzled warm caramel sauce for gravy which then hardened like a glaze. The butter is a half starburst. I think that's everything! They are as good to eat as they are fun to make!