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Introduction: Thanksgiving Feast Placemat

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This is a quick, easy , and very affordable way to make placemats to dress up yourTurkey Day Dinner table.

Step 1: Supplies

white drawing paper
black markers
watercolors, brushes, water
color mounting paper
(I like to use a color sharpie to add accents)

I used a scanner to create multiple images, then a color xerox and a laminator

Step 2: Draw

Begin to draw your idea on the placemat in pencil, I like to use an autumn theme

Step 3: Marker

when you are happy with your pencil drawing re draw the lines with waterproof marker.

Step 4: Finish Marker

Finish entire design with the marker

Step 5: Watercolor

enhance your artwork with watercolor, perhaps you have a theme or color preference?

Step 6: Scan

I scanned my drawing and then printed it on a color xerox. Print enough for your number of dinner guests.

Step 7: Mount and Laminate

Mount your color xerox on a slightly larger piece of color paper. I like to laminate the placemats, they last longer, your guests can take them home. 

Step 8: Time for the Bird!



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    YAY!!! Susan you are a winner in the Thanksgiving challenge way to go!!!

    1 reply

    Brilliant idea to make one, then scan and print!

    That's just beautiful! I love how you painted it. The watercolors look perfect!

    1 reply

    so sweet...Thanks! Happy Turkey Day to You and Yours!