Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Art





Introduction: Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Art

Give thanks in the most colorful and handiest way you know how with this simple hand art design great to show off come late November!

Note: This turkey hand art was inspired by a similar image found under Google images of Thanksgiving Turkey clip art.

Step 1: Sketch Out the Idea

As always, I started off with a light sketch using a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 2: Red Parts

Then, I start filling in the parts (head, goblet, feathers) with some color, starting with red.

Step 3: Orange

Then, I went into my orange....

Step 4: Yellow

...and then yellow...

Step 5: Brown

...and finally my dark brown!

Step 6: Outlining and Detailing

Then, I used black and white to fill in the features on the turkey, including his face, goblet, and feathers, along with a few strokes of white for highlights throughout.

Step 7: Gobble-Gobble!

To pose, keep your thumb in tact, and spread the rest of your fingers out to represent the turkey's feathers!



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    I must be an imbecile because I have no idea what you are using for colors. All eyeshadow?

    I actually used Neuron Paradise face paint in red, orange, yellow, brown, white, and black.

    Thank you Ariana.